The green revolution 2.0

As the world continues to dump down oil barrels prices, searching for new political collaborations and resources alternatives, shutting down nuclear plants (well, Japan still needs to learn from this one) and reinventing itself towards a greener path. We can finally sing along (paraphrasing Phill Collins): "I can feel it coming : green is in the air tonight, oh Lord And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord "

TT-682 -- Entrepreneur Awards and Mentoring, ebiz news from Japan

We were surprised and happy to come across a Stanford University paper, which offers some fascinating facts and figures about the make up of the Japanese entrepreneurial community.


TT-678 -- Ideas on Structuring a Japan Subsidiary, ebiz news from Japan

With one of our sister companies in the market entry business, we have noticed in the last 3 months a gradual increase in the number of foreign firms investigating setting up an operation in Japan.


TT-673 -- Lifeguards with Nothing Better to Do, ebiz news from Japan

We know from practical experience that swimming in Japan is not a particularly pleasant activity, due to the way that swimming pools are policed by imperious lifeguards.



Mastering the Deadly Art of Change

Many businesses try to change...but few succeed.

At best, a few buzzwords and new reports become part of the company’s structure. At worst, programs crash and burn, and everyone becomes irreparably disillusioned with the revolving door of new-mission statements. According to David Shaner, a business consultant with a 100 percent success rate of change at companies including Duracell, Frito-Lay, Ryobi, and Gillette, the problem is that the implemented changes don’t address either individuals or the corporate culture. They’re only on the surface.

Should HR Get Out of the Hiring Business?

Should HR get out of the hiring business and give this strategic function back to business units and managers who design, build, manufacture, market and sell a company's products?

Compensation Management

Is compensation management just about giving salaries and bonuses? Read on to find more.

Workforce management in Japan

We've all heard it. Japan is the fastest aging society in the industrialized world. But how does this impact us now and in the future?


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