Executive Interview -- Mark Loomis

Mark LoomisMark LoomisBy Chris Betros

Staying in for the long haul in one of the world’s most lucrative cosmetics markets.

Times may be tough for the economy in Japan, but women still want to look their best. One company helping them to do that is multibrand cosmetics powerhouse, Estée Lauder KK, which has had a presence in Japan for 42 years.


Executive Interview -- Adam Salzer

Adam SalzerAdam SalzerBy Chris Betros

Surviving in the new economic world order

Amid the ongoing economic crisis, many companies are being forced to restructure themselves. Some do it well, while others flounder. Specialists are often called in to help. One of those specialists is Salzer Consulting, a Hong Kong-based company with offices in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney.


Executive Interview -- Shingo Hoshino

Shingo Hoshino, FX consulting director at Currency Online.Shingo HoshinoFX consulting director at Currency Online

Currency Online was established as Elldridge Lynch in New Zealand in 1986 and since then has offered businesses and individuals an easy and secure way to exchange currencies and arrange payment to accounts worldwide. We have a branch office in Tokyo to better serve individuals and companies in Japan who have a need for foreign currency.


Executive Interview -- Business Class for Banking

Adrien WattelAdrien WattelBy Rob Churcher

J@pan Inc talks to HSBC Premier Financial Service (PFS) Relationship Manager Adrien Wattel about taking on the high-end Japanese retail banking market.


Executive Interview -- Timo Varhama, President & General Manager, UPM-Kymmene Japan KK.

Timo VarhamaTimo VarhamaThe chances are that somewhere in your office, the paper you are using came from UPM-Kymmene Japan KK, the Tokyo-based unit of the global forest products group with core businesses in printing papers, specialty papers, label materials and wood products. Headquartered in Finland, UPM has key mills located in Finland, Germany, France, the UK, Austria, the United States, Canada and China.


Executive Interview -- Verizon Business Executive Officer & President, Itsuo Iso.

Itsuo IsoItsuo IsoOne of the biggest players in the global IP industry is Verizon Business, a unit of Verizon Communications. With 321 offices in 75 countries and a global footprint that provides more than 2,700 cities with secure network connectivity, Verizon operates the world’s most connected public IP network for multinational and government clients worldwide.


Edge of Communication -- Executive Interview: Frank Sanda

Frank SandaFrank SandaBy Chris Betros

Frank Sanda founded Japan Communications Inc. as the world’s first Data Mobile Virtual Network Operator (D-MVNO).


The Watchman -- Executive Interview: Noritaka Ishida

Noritaka IshidaNoritaka IshidaNoritaka Ishida, sole proprietor of watch dealer Ishida, teaches us how to keep time on our side. -- It’s always been hard to sell watches as the customer base changes every year. For example, the choi waru oyaji (middle-aged bad boy) trend that was popular last year has gotten old, proving that you have to go with the trends. Also, people who made a killing in stocks last year might not be able to splurge so much this year. The last three years prior to this economic slump were pretty good, with lots of IT companies booming. Watch sales went up and we saw a bubble.


Chamber Spotlight: Opening Doors

Armin FrauenknechtArmin Frauenknecht, president of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, discusses life inside the European Business Council.

Here at the chamber, we’re a one-woman show. The embassy takes over when it comes to helping new Swiss companies establish themselves in Japan. If a small Swiss company had a product they want to sell in Japan, we’re probably the first place to call on.


Exclusive Interview: The German Chamber of Commerce

German FlagBy Sarah Noorbakhsh -- We talk to Manfred Hoffman, Executive Director -- The chamber performs three specific functions. In addition to the original function of a chamber, we also consider ourselves a service provider for German companies trying to access the Japanese market. Our staff of 30 employees provides info and support for small and medium, both member and nonmember, businesses.



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