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Scorching heat grips Japan as rainy season ends

July 19, 2021 - 20:31
The rainy season has ended across Japan, pushing up the temperature in the city of Sapporo in the country's northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido to record levels. (NHK)
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Japan’s Underrated Overnight Ferry Trip from Osaka to Kagoshima in Kyushu

July 19, 2021 - 09:28
I took an overnight ferry from Osaka to Kagoshima in Kyushu, Japan. It was more like a cruise ship than a ferry and relaxing to spend 15 hours. (Solo Travel Japan)
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Beach reopens 10 years after tsunami

July 18, 2021 - 05:17
A popular beach in Iwate prefecture that was badly damaged in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami has reopened for the first time since the disaster. (NHK)
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Top 20 Crazy Things Can’t Be Seen Anywhere But In Japan

July 18, 2021 - 05:07
Elements from Japanese culture are in our lives right now. What associations arise in your head, when you hear the word Japan? Perhaps you instantly remember about sushi? (Top10 videosworld)
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Japan asks airlines to halt new bookings as Olympic traffic rises

July 17, 2021 - 09:25
CHIBA – The government has asked airlines to halt new bookings by the general public for flights arriving in Japan during the period when arrivals of athletes and delegation officials for the Tokyo Olympics increase, sources have said. (Japan Times)
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Rainy season ends in eastern and northeastern Japan

July 17, 2021 - 09:16
This year’s rainy season appears to have ended in the Kanto-Koshin and Tohoku regions, the Meteorological Agency said Friday. (Japan Times)
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Giant Floating Head Looms Over Tokyo's Yoyogi Park

July 17, 2021 - 09:09
Tokyo residents were treated to an unusual sight on July 16 when a giant floating head appeared over the city’s Yoyogi Park. (
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The latest changes to Japan’s quarantine measures: July 15

July 16, 2021 - 09:11
As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve worldwide, Japan has again revised its quarantine measures by tightening measures for some arrivals and relaxing them for others. (Japan Times)
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Exploring Japan’s Most Beautiful Village

July 16, 2021 - 09:03
Today we are Exploring the beautiful and historical Japanese village of Shirakawago in Gifu prefecture. (Tokyo Lens Explore)
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Japan Tour in 8K

July 15, 2021 - 16:26
Japan is a mix of energies and panoramas. The great number of nuances of this destination makes it one of the most visited in the world, receiving around 8 million average tourists each year. ()
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Tokyo crowds remain despite fresh coronavirus emergency

July 15, 2021 - 02:07
TOKYO – Despite a fresh state of emergency over the coronavirus taking effect in Tokyo on Monday, pedestrian traffic in busy areas of the capital did not dramatically decrease from the week before. (Japan Times)
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Tour of Tokyo Station 東京駅

July 14, 2021 - 08:44
This is a walking tour inside of Tokyo Station, the main railway terminal in Tokyo. It's the busiest station in Japan with over 4,000 trains passing through it every day. (Cory May)
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Tokyo travel hub adds pedestrian-friendly walkway

July 13, 2021 - 22:34
Workers have put the final touches on part of a pedestrian walkway that will eventually connect far-flung sections of Tokyo's Shibuya Station as part of an extensive redevelopment program. (NHK)
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Visa Entry Requirements for Visiting Japan

July 13, 2021 - 22:09
Japan is a country where ancient traditions meet modern life. Now, witnessing this fusion of centuries-old cultures and cutting-edge technology is easier than ever thanks to an accessible visa policy. (
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Hotel in Tokyo apologizes for ‘Japanese only’ elevator

July 13, 2021 - 04:01
A Tokyo hotel has apologized amid backlash over their decision to delineate elevators with signs indicating “Japanese only” and “foreigners only.” (
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Tokyo’s 3D Cat in Shinjuku Street View

July 13, 2021 - 03:56
Tokyo’s big news is not the Summer Games but a 3D Digital Cat playing above the buildings of Shinjuku. (ONLY in JAPAN)
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State of emergency extended again in Okinawa

July 13, 2021 - 03:52
The state of emergency covering the southern Japanese prefecture of Okinawa has been extended again in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus. (NHK)
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Japan to begin accepting requests for vaccine passports from July 26

July 12, 2021 - 12:28
Japan will start accepting applications for so-called vaccine passports from July 26 for people who have been fully inoculated against COVID-19 to travel internationally, the top government spokesman said Sunday. (Japan Today)
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Create a "Guizhou model", the rule of law first protects the ecology

July 12, 2021 - 12:12
With rippling blue waves and verdant mountains, walking along the banks of the Wujiang River in Guizhou Province, and the fresh air is refreshing, and the scenery is relaxing. (
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Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use

July 12, 2021 - 10:39
A hotel in central Tokyo has posted "Japanese only" and "foreigners only" notices in front of its elevators in an attempt to step up anti-coronavirus measures ahead of the Olympics, but removed them after facing criticism, hotel officials said Sunday. (Japan Today)
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