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Updated: 18 min 23 sec ago

Chinese embassies require travelers from Japan entering China to take 48-hour nucleic acid tests

January 16, 2023 - 04:42
Chinese embassies in Japan and South Korea said in statements on Sunday that travelers to China must take nucleic acid tests within 48 hours before their departure, and those who show negative results will be allowed to come to China. (Global Times)
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'Diamond dust' spotted in central Japan mountain town

January 13, 2023 - 04:05
A glittering winter phenomenon known as "diamond dust" has been observed in freezing temperatures in a town in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan. (NHK)
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Japan weather bureau says 70% chance that La Nina will end by end of winter

January 11, 2023 - 17:20
Japan's weather bureau said on Wednesday that there was a 70% chance the La Nina phenomenon will end and normal weather patterns will return by the end of the northern hemisphere winter. (Reuters)
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Japan asks drugstores to prevent medicine hoarding by tourists

January 11, 2023 - 17:09
The Japanese government has requested that drugstores and other retailers take steps to prevent hoarding of fever medications and painkillers used to treat the symptoms of COVID-19. (Nikkei)
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China suspends visas for Japanese, South Koreans

January 11, 2023 - 00:21
Many countries are imposing tighter border controls on arrivals from China, where the coronavirus is running rampant. But authorities in Beijing are now going tit-for-tat. They have suspended the issuance of visas for citizens of South Korea and Japan. (NHK)
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Tokyo's Yamanote Line train services back to normal after renovation work

January 9, 2023 - 18:06
Train service on part of Tokyo's Yamanote Line resumed early Monday morning after large-scale renovation work was carried out at Shibuya Station over the weekend. (NHK)
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Whale spotted near mouth of Yodo River in Osaka

January 9, 2023 - 18:01
An 8-meter-long whale was spotted near the mouth of the Yodo River in Osaka on Monday, a rare sighting of the large mammal in Osaka Bay, according to the coast guard. (Kyodo)
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Kyoto's Kinkaku-ji to raise admission fees for 1st time in 30 years

January 7, 2023 - 16:34
The famed golden temple of Kinkaku-ji in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto is raising its admission fees for the first time in 30 years. (NHK)
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Plane makes emergency landing at central Japan airport after bomb threat

January 7, 2023 - 13:41
A bomb threat has forced a passenger plane operated by budget carrier Jetstar Japan to make an emergency landing at an airport in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan. (NHK)
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Station near Nagoya Castle gets name change to ease visitor confusion

January 6, 2023 - 06:05
The Nagoya city government hoped to resolve a source of confusion for visitors to the central Japan city by changing the name of the subway station close to Nagoya Castle on Wednesday to one better reflecting its proximity to the historic site. (Japan Today)
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Trains, planes and roads crowded as people return from holidays

January 4, 2023 - 05:16
Japan's airports, railway stations and expressways are crowded on Tuesday as people return from their year-end and New Year holidays. (NHK)
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First Class Seats | Japan's Overnight Capsule Hotel Bus by Dream Relier from Osaka to Tokyo

January 4, 2023 - 04:29
This time I took the luxury overnight express bus from Osaka to Tokyo. (At JAPAN)
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Japanese Garden with more than 1000yrs of history | World Heritage Site

January 4, 2023 - 04:25
Motsuji Temple has records dating back to its founding in 850 by Priest Ennin of the Tendai Sect. The story goes that Ennin became lost in a thick fog while traveling around northern Japan. (NIWA-Japanese Garden Collection)
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JAL and ANA offer greener flight options

January 3, 2023 - 03:14
In the face of rising concerns about environmental degradation and a global move toward sustainability, two of Japan's top airlines have begun to transform their operations to greener practices. (Nikkei)
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Japan’s rural trains battle for survival

December 30, 2022 - 04:15
Many small railway lines across Japanese countryside carry sizeable losses. (
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Three more Japan airports to allow Hong Kong arrivals

December 30, 2022 - 01:00
Japan's transport ministry said Thursday the country will conditionally accept direct flights from Hong Kong to airports in Fukuoka, Naha and one near Sapporo after it had initially planned to ban them. (Nikkei)
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Japan to require COVID-19 test on arrival for China travellers

December 27, 2022 - 16:39
Japan will require COVID-19 tests on arrival for travellers from mainland China from Friday (Dec 30), Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said, after Beijing announced it will end inbound quarantine requirements. (CNA)
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Riding Japan’s 7 Star Luxury Sleeper Train | Seven Stars in Kyushu

December 26, 2022 - 00:57
Today we will ride the most luxurious sleeper train in Japan, the Seven Stars in Kyushu around Kyushu. (Solo Solo Travel)
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Japan tourism booms as COVID curbs end

December 22, 2022 - 05:07
Visitor arrivals to Japan have jumped to almost one million in the first full month since the country scrapped COVID-19 curbs that effectively halted tourism for more than two years. (
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How to: Dining Out in Japan | Travel Tips

December 22, 2022 - 04:51
With Japan having a large selection of restaurants of an almost endless variety and with its complex culture and numerous unique customs, it can sometimes be a little stressful to dine out without worrying about making a cultural faux pas. (
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