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Rethinking Work: Japan's Rising Trend in Early Resignations

1 hour 53 min ago
As work values evolve over time, so do the expectations and tolerances of each generation. Those accustomed to the idea of lifelong employment may find themselves at odds with current norms, which favor flexibility and personal growth over long-term stability. (News On Japan)
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Shipping Company Sets Rules for Workplace Romances

April 15, 2024 - 20:09
"Toko Kaiun Corporation," a shipping company based in Kobe, has drawn a line in the sand when it comes to romances withing the workplace, distinguishing between on-ship and off-ship relationships. (News On Japan)
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Nippon Steel's Acquisition of U.S. Steel Approved at Shareholder Meeting

April 14, 2024 - 15:10
Nippon Steel's proposal to acquire American steel giant U.S. Steel has been approved at a special shareholders' meeting, with the focus now shifting to regulatory reviews for finalization. (News On Japan)
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Mangoes Fetch Record Price at First Auction

April 13, 2024 - 04:07
Miyazaki Prefecture's famed fully ripe mangoes, known as "Taiyo no Tamago" or "Eggs of the Sun," have reached a record-breaking price of 700,000 yen for just two fruits. (News On Japan)
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Adastria Launches Pioneering Metaverse Fashion Sales Service

April 12, 2024 - 14:03
A groundbreaking platform has been launched in the metaverse, allowing companies and individual creators to open virtual stores. (News On Japan)
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First Auction of New Tea Season Sets Record

April 12, 2024 - 13:13
The first auction of the new tea season took place at the Shizuoka Tea Market in Shizuoka City, with the highest bid reaching over 1.11 million yen per kilogram. (News On Japan)
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Fast Retailing Achieves Record Half-Year Earnings

April 12, 2024 - 04:29
Fast Retailing, the company behind Uniqlo, reported record half-year sales for the period ending in February this year, buoyed by strong overseas performance in Europe and America, with revenues exceeding 1.59 trillion yen. (News On Japan)
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Panasonic Dives into Pre-owned Appliances Market

April 11, 2024 - 07:07
Panasonic has announced its full-scale entry into the second-hand home appliances business, a move driven by rising prices and a growing thrift-conscious consumer base. Here's a closer look at the initiative. (News On Japan)
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Yen Slides to 152 Against the US Dollar, Weakest in Nearly 34 Years

April 10, 2024 - 23:04
The has yen weakened to 152 yen to the dollar, the lowest level since July 1990, in reaction to the latest U.S. consumer price index, fueling speculation that the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) might delay the timing of interest rate cuts. (News On Japan)
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NTT DoCoMo and Amazon Tied on Points

April 10, 2024 - 18:29
NTT DoCoMo and Amazon have announced a collaboration in payment and point systems. (News On Japan)
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Japan's Corporate Goods Price Index Hits Record High in March

April 10, 2024 - 16:12
The Corporate Goods Price Index, which reflects the prices of goods traded between companies, reached an all-time high in both March and the fiscal year of 2023. (News On Japan)
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Can Global EVs Overturn Japan's Automotive Dominance?

April 10, 2024 - 07:12
On April 9, the broadcast of BS-TBS's "Hodo 1930" delved into the electric vehicle (EV) sector's shifting landscape, sparked by Tesla's reported sales dip and strategic pivot away from the low-cost EV market. (News On Japan)
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Japan to Shut Down Ethylene Production

April 9, 2024 - 12:21
Domestic production facilities for ethylene, a basic raw material for various chemical products including plastics, are set to be shut down for the first time in approximately ten years. (News On Japan)
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Corporate Bankruptcies in Japan Surge

April 9, 2024 - 01:29
Japan witnessed over 9,000 corporate bankruptcies nationwide in fiscal 2023 for the first time in nine years. (News On Japan)
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Companies Offers Subsidized Okinawa Retreats for Allergy Sufferers

April 8, 2024 - 16:11
As the hay fever season continues, one company has embarked on a bold initiative for its employees: work in Okinawa. (News On Japan)
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Japan's Real Wages Fall 1.3% in February

April 8, 2024 - 10:18
Despite a 1.8% increase in the total amount of cash earnings received by workers in February compared to last year, real wages, adjusted for inflation, decreased by 1.3%, marking the 23rd consecutive month of decline, (News On Japan)
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Over Half of Japan's Trucking Companies Operating at a Loss

April 8, 2024 - 07:47
An analysis conducted by a national association of trucking companies has revealed that 57% of its member businesses are operating at a loss. (News On Japan)
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Japan PM Inspects TSMC Factory in Kumamoto

April 8, 2024 - 00:25
During his visit to Kumamoto Prefecture on the 6th, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida toured the factory of Taiwan's leading semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC. During this visit, TSMC revealed plans to construct a second factory in Kikuyo Town. (News On Japan)
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BoJ's Holdings Reach All-Time High

April 5, 2024 - 21:18
The legacy of the Bank of Japan's (BoJ) aggressive monetary easing policy -- often described as "unprecedented easing" -- has swelled to a record high as the fiscal year comes to a close. (News On Japan)
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Nagasaki Leads Makku's Plastic Bag Charge

April 5, 2024 - 15:05
McDonald's Japan has started charging 5 yen for a plastic bag, regardless of size, across all 23 stores in Nagasaki Prefecture, ahead of a nationwide rollout. (News On Japan)
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