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Updated: 4 min ago

As EV Sales Grow, Major Automakers Showcase Latest Engine Technologies

May 28, 2024 - 20:59
As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the market continues to grow, Japanese automakers have showcased their latest engine technologies, emphasizing their commitment to ongoing engine development. (News On Japan)
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Japan's Traditional Producers in a Pickle

May 28, 2024 - 17:26
Japan's beloved pickles are facing a crisis. Starting next month, stricter rules for pickle production will come into effect, forcing many farmers to abandon their pickle-making operations. (News On Japan)
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Is It Time to Sell or Buy? Silver Prices Soar Alongside Gold

May 28, 2024 - 00:52
Silver prices have significantly increased, doubling over the past five years. In April 2019, silver was around 57 yen per gram, but by April this year, it reached approximately 138 yen per gram, and further rose to 172 yen per gram by May 27. This surge has led to a "Reiwa Silver Rush," with people buying and selling silver items like ingots and coins. (News On Japan)
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Why Use VPN in Japan?

May 27, 2024 - 11:39
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides a secure and private connection to the internet by encrypting your data and masking your IP address, creating a secure tunnel for your online activities. This technology has become essential for various reasons, particularly for accessing entertainment content from other countries. (News On Japan)
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Reviving the Showa Era: Breathing Life into Discarded Furniture

May 27, 2024 - 07:56
In recent years, more companies have emerged to assist elderly individuals in decluttering their homes when moving into care facilities. While most of the collected furniture and items are typically discarded, one company in Sakai City has taken a different approach by showcasing these items in an exhibition titled 'Toki no Kotodute'. (News On Japan)
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New Tokyo Neighborhood Opens at Former Olympic Village

May 27, 2024 - 06:46
The former site of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Athletes' Village, now named 'Harumi Flag,' has officially opened. (News On Japan)
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How Has Weaker Yen Affected Japan's Big Five Trading Companies?

May 24, 2024 - 22:34
The financial results of Japan's five major trading companies for the fiscal year ending March 2024 shows Mitsui & Co. has surpassed Mitsubishi Corporation to top the list with a net profit exceeding one trillion yen, while Sumitomo Corporation struggled with significant impairment losses. Although these companies have benefited from the weakening yen, the situation is more complex than it appears. (News On Japan)
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Customer Information Leaked by Japan's Major Insurers to Competitors

May 24, 2024 - 01:51
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. has revealed that customer information from their auto insurance policies was leaked to competing companies. (News On Japan)
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Electricity and Gas Subsidies in Japan End

May 23, 2024 - 20:23
Household electricity rates next month are expected to rise across all ten major electric power companies in Japan. (News On Japan)
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Mercari Introduces New 'No Price Listing' Feature

May 23, 2024 - 02:37
Mercari, the operator of a popular flea market app, has launched a new feature allowing users to list items for sale without initially setting a price. Starting May 23, Mercari's new function enables sellers to list items without deciding on a price upfront, instead allowing them to set a price later based on offers from potential buyers. (News On Japan)
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Japan's Long-term Interest Rates Near 1% for First Time in 11 Years

May 22, 2024 - 16:06
The yield on 10-year government bonds, a key indicator for fixed mortgage rates, closed at 0.980% on May 21, approaching 1% for the first time in about 11 years. (News On Japan)
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Yamato Establishes New Company to Connect Shippers and Carriers

May 22, 2024 - 07:56
In a bid to create a sustainable logistics network, Japan's largest parcel delivery company is launching a new initiative aimed at significantly improving load efficiency for both shippers and carriers. (News On Japan)
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New Condo Prices in Tokyo Decline for Second Month but Stay Above 74 Million Yen

May 22, 2024 - 07:52
The average price of a newly built condominium in the Tokyo metropolitan area in April was 74.12 million yen, down more than 3 million yen from a year ago. However, it has risen by over 10 million yen compared to two years ago, indicating it remains at a high level. (News On Japan)
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From Part-Time Worker to CEO: The Journey of a 22-Year-Old at CoCo Ichibanya Franchise

May 21, 2024 - 20:05
In an extraordinary promotion, 22-year-old Rino Morosawa has risen from a part-time worker to CEO. She is now the new president of Skyscraper, a company that operates CoCo Ichibanya Curry House franchises. Here is the story behind her rapid ascent to the top in just seven years. (News On Japan)
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Japan Approves Postal Rate Hike from 84 Yen to 110 Yen

May 21, 2024 - 15:43
The Japanese government has approved an increase in letter postage rates, addressing the financial challenges faced by the postal service. Following an amendment to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications ordinance, the rate will rise from 84 yen to 110 yen by this autumn. (News On Japan)
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Carlyle Group to Acquire Japan KFC for 130 Billion Yen

May 21, 2024 - 01:47
The Carlyle Group, an American investment fund, has announced its intention to acquire Japan KFC Holdings, the operator of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan. (News On Japan)
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Japan to Promote 'Software Defined Vehicles'

May 20, 2024 - 23:08
The Japanese government has announced a draft strategy to promote the manufacture of cars that are heavily controlled by software rather than hardware. These are known as so-called "software-defined vehicles", or SDVs. (NHK)
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Japanese Firms Offer Highest Pay Hike in 32 Years in Spring Wage Talks

May 20, 2024 - 22:26
A survey of major Japanese firms showed they offered their highest monthly wage increases in 32 years at over 5 percent in the spring wage negotiations, as many sought to respond to elevated prices while trying to avoid brain drains, the country's biggest business lobby said Monday. (Kyodo)
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Japan's Economic Minister Visits Next-Gen Semiconductor Factory

May 20, 2024 - 05:58
Japan's Economic Minister Yasutoshi Saito visited Hokkaido on Sunday to inspect the construction site of Rapidus's factory, which aims to mass-produce next-generation semiconductors. (News On Japan)
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High-End Apartments Sprout in Osaka's Umeda

May 18, 2024 - 12:42
The Umeda area in Osaka is seeing a surge in high-rise apartment construction, including a 49-story residential skyscraper south of JR Osaka Station. (News On Japan)
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