TT-765 -- Creative Invention is Alive and Well, e-biz news from Japan

It's companies which understand innovation and the international markets -- although it's somewhat ironic that the world leader for patent applications was turn-around challenged Panasonic corporation.


Innovation -- Saitama City Spreads its Wings

Saitama City MapSaitama City Technology Brand companies use smarts to position themselves on the world stage.

Situated just north of Tokyo, Saitama City is placed, geographically, and has placed itself, technologically, in a unique position. The city, with its extensive transportation infrastructure, serves as the gateway to eastern Japan.


Research Technology -- X Marks the Spot

Tatsuo NakamuraTatsuo NakamuraBy Hugh Ashton

Some innovative software is helping companies take the guesswork out of patent research.

Maps point the way with new technology in patent research.


TT-493 -- Office in a Box, ebiz news from Japan

Harsh economic times call for harsh cost cuts. What is on offer to aid tighter belts?


Technology: I Want My 1seg TV

Robert SanzaloneBy Robert Sanzalone

If Japanese consumers don’t even really want TV on their cellphones, why has it been such a hit?


Creating Credit

Tadatoshi SenooTadatoshi SenooBy Anna Kitanaka

Freshly launched in October, is Japan’s first social lending site, providing an online auction platform for borrowers and lenders to create their own customized loans.


Web Development: New Breed

By Michael Condon

J@pan Inc takes a look at some of Tokyo’s most exciting Internet innovators:

Tate, Young, Smith Lewis, Fukuno, Wesseling, SheetalKristopher Tate, Eric Young, Andrew Smith Lewis, Taisuke Fukuno, Marc Wesseling, Michael Sheetal


Caught in the Web

Akihabara Murder SceneBy Chris Salzberg

The massacre on June 8 in Akihabara ended with seven killed, more than a dozen injured, and an entire country in a state of shock. It also signaled a profound change in the way people receive their news, and in how they create it.


Technology: Brainstorming the Future

Kageroi TableBy Ed Thompson -- The future of office spaces could well be creative environments that stimulate the senses. -- In the office of the future, smart-rooms that automatically respond to voice, motion, and other cues promise to boost productivity and encourage new forms of communication. For IT solutions provider Kayac Co., Ltd., that future is now. The company has teamed up with digital communications researchers from the Keio University Inakage Lab to develop a speech recognition-capable brainstorming room designed to enhance group creativity by monitoring the conversation of its occupants, identifying keywords in their speech, and feeding them a stream of related images and text retrieved from online search engines.


Seeing the Light

Eco First LogoBy Scott Cavanaugh -- What are Japanese companies doing to change the earth? -- When the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in December 1997, Japan instantly became one of the leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. During that time, the Japanese government, along with many Japanese corporations, publicized sweeping changes that would be enacted to counter the negative effects of the previous 150 years of industrial activity. The idea was that Japan, with its eco-friendly ideas, would become the envy of the other industrialized nations. But this has not become reality.



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