Top 5 Green/Techie Trends for 2017

Started two years ago, I have been writing about future trends for the upcoming years. Last year, I wrote about the top 5 green trends for 2016 so I thought I would repeat the idea this year but I would throw a twist by mixing green with techie as it is what Fullcircle Innovations's newest site: is all about it.

The Deal -- The Big, Green Giant

GiantBy Shaun Davies

Sanyo’s eco-friendly technology proved too good for Panasonic to look past.

The biggest deal in town in November was without doubt Panasonic’s proposed tie-up with smaller rival Sanyo.


New Market -- The Waste Trade

Rubbish SackBy Wilhelmina Wahlin

A new, lucrative market is emerging in world trading, and it’s not high-end technologies or virgin natural resources. It’s rubbish.

Trash becomes treasure for manufacturers in China.


Seeing the Light

Eco First LogoBy Scott Cavanaugh -- What are Japanese companies doing to change the earth? -- When the Kyoto Protocol was adopted in December 1997, Japan instantly became one of the leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. During that time, the Japanese government, along with many Japanese corporations, publicized sweeping changes that would be enacted to counter the negative effects of the previous 150 years of industrial activity. The idea was that Japan, with its eco-friendly ideas, would become the envy of the other industrialized nations. But this has not become reality.


The Greenhouse Effect

Takeo SugiuraTakeo SugiuraBy Darius Jones -- New technology brings affordable nutrients to the table -- Dotting the landscape in almost any countryside setting, the artificial environments created by greenhouses are the living quarters for an increasing number of the foods we consume. While this affords us the luxury of tomatoes and kiwis during the frosty winter months, severe flaws in technology cause temperature fluctuations and an over-reliance on chemical fertilizers that lower the efficiency of production as well as adversely affecting the conditions in which the produce is grown.


Keeping Cool

IglooBy Hugh Ashton -- Green technology solutions for data center heat -- Data centers—the storage points of the information and technology that underpin our corporate lives—use massive amounts of energy. In turn an equally large amount of energy is spent on cooling them down and this has led designers to contemplate more environmentally friendly and less costly solutions creating specifically designed technology.


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