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Top 5 Green/Techie Trends for 2017

Which direction the new year will take.

Started two years ago, I have been writing about future trends for the upcoming years.

Last year, I wrote about the top 5 green trends for 2016 so I thought I would repeat the idea this year but I would throw a twist by mixing green with techie as it is what Fullcircle Innovations's newest site: is all about it.

Therefore, without delay...

Here we go again … drums please !

The top green and techie trends for 2017 (in my humble opinion and in no particular order):

1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) as we know today, is just the beginning

Nothing new here as you already know or noticed that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already around us.
The definition of AI is : Intelligence exhibited by machines.

In computer science, an ideal "intelligent" machine is a flexible rational agent that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.

So, what we are seeing is this "intelligence" exhibited by machines rapidly expanding to zillion of devices, products around ourselves. We are all familiar with Amazon Echo, Apple's Siri, Google Home devices today but this trend will continue to incorporate cars (e.g: BMW and Amazon is getting together), News/Internet (e.g: Google Assistant) and Smart home devices. As an aside, that for example, will give brands a whole new way to advertise their products, take P&G's Tide or Tequila Patrón that offer tips through voice assistants, more on that here.

The idea is that AI will move from the usual suspects ("intelligence devices" that we know today) to "nanobots level" and then will probably be game over for "Natural Intelligence".

Paraphrasing the famous quote from French poet, Baudelaire.

"the devil's (AI) best trick is to persuade you that he doesn't exist" .

2. Green best friend is better technology ....

By reading the AI piece above, you might wrongly concluded that I am a believer hat technology will be the undoing of humanity (Just like the Terminator movies).

That's not true, in fact, I am a believer that green best friend is better technology itself.

I see as a trend: More powerful and better technology that will help the green cause.

Take for example a recently chip developed in Japan that could reduced Japan’s overall electricity consumption by 10% if adopted.

That's just one example of "positive technology" working well with the green goals.

If you imagine for example how techie innovations can be use on farming and other crucial green areas, you might have a good picture of the possibilities for the green and techie marriage.

Fortunately, for all of us, this trend shows to be continued through 2017.

3. Wearable Technologies, the gap between fashion and technology is narrowing down.

Smart watches, Apple AirPods, eye-wear and much more, wearable technology continues to be a growing trend and fashion is on board.

In Japan, the rapid aging of Japanese society is spurring innovative attempts to make life easier for the silver set — and those who care for them.

Wearable robots are a prime example

4. Augmented and Virtual Reality from games to the workplace ...

The booming success of the Pokémon GO app is just one example of the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Now, why stop on games ? It seems the business world believes that games are the only way to go further with AR/VR, I believe we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

Global VR revenue forecast look too promising to be concentrated only on games and entertainment, what I see is the expansion to other areas such as corporate training, educational and many other areas that could benefit from such technology. It's about time that AR/VR trends move to the second stage which is in the professional environment.

5. For 2017 ? A more positive world (Period!) ...

Like last year, I thought it would be nice to finish this article with an in-house example (you know, lead by example :).

This year, I thought that would be nice to have a place where people share and grab positive news.

So, GoHumans.News was born. provides a proper and adequate coverage of issues that the mainstream media just does not talk about.

Traditional media highlights, war, terrorism and other negative issues and we want to focus on the individual and show that humanity in general can do good things and walk on the positive side of the road too.

Pow! I said, so if you are looking for a place to read some positive news, feel free to visit GoHumans.News and contribute with your own positive news too.

Let's make 2017 different and better together.

Bonus: Keep an eye on the social media space for the new unicorn on the block. beBee is an affinity network, based in Madrid that is a mix of LinkedIn and Facebook Community Pages : beBee is already a strong player on the field that has raised more than $11 million so far and it is reaching its 40 million users milestone. Although, their website is already available in Asia ( It's considering to make a strong presence here in the near future.

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