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Born out of the gilded belly of Japan’s IT bubble, J@pan Inc had its roots in technology but has now blossomed into a broader business website. J@pan Inc aims to cover issues, trends and controversies across all industries in Japan with a particular focus on foreigners already established here, or those hoping to break into the market.

Born with the soul of a business magazine, the Japan Inc website features independently researched features on Japanese companies, high quality pieces tracing the commercial journeys of individual entrepreneurs, plus coverage of a range of other topics pertinent to those with interest in Japan - ranging from politics to real estate, to education.

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Corporate Data

Company Japan Inc Communications K.K.
President Terrie Lloyd
Established March 2000
Capital JPY25,000,000
Number of Employees 7 (as of June 2012)
Business Description
  • Online (formerly paper-based) publication - J@pan Inc magazine | www.japaninc.com
  • Provides business development consulting services for Small-Medium Enterprises.
  • Market entry consulting and services for foreign multinationals.
  • Web site / Brochure development in English and Japanese.
  • Seminar / Conference coordination.
  • Privacy Statement
Head Office Seika Building, 5F
3-5-17 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 102-0083, Japan | Map to Office
Tel 050 1791 1504
Fax +81 3 6745 5620​
URL www.japaninc.com
Email General Question: info@japaninc.com
Advertisement: ads@japaninc.com
Contact Please use our contact page, especially for matters regarding the website.


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