TT-792 (Tourism Edition) -- Japan's Own "Snow Bird" Real Estate Boom

Already Japan is becoming one of the premier holiday destinations for wealthy people in Asia, we think it won't be too long before we start seeing the same phenomenon here that Florida has with Canadians.


TT-647 -- A Good Time to Move Office and Home, e-biz news from Japan

The rate of vacant offices has been rising steadily, with a surplus in large floor space buildings and also overall.


Unlocking Value in Japanese Real Estate

“Landed: The guide to buying property in Japan,” is a must-read, not just for those considering buying a property in Japan, but also for individuals who are already homeowners...

TT-589 -- Where is Real Estate Going? e-biz news from Japan

In certain sectors things are improving like owner-occupied homes in major cities and downtown condo's.


TT-565 -- Vacant Houses Going Cheap, e-biz news from Japan

Unoccupied homes, otherwise known as "akiya" in Japan apparently account for about one in eight dwellings.


TT-544 -- Construction Domino Game, ebiz news from Japan

The nation's leading seller of condominiums in Japan in 2007, filed for bankruptcy this last week...


TT-527 -- Clawing back tenant rights, ebiz news from Japan

At last, contract renewal fees are being put under the microscope.


TT-525 -- A coming surge in mortgage defaults? , ebiz news from Japan.

Could no-deposit mortgages create another subprime problem?


TT-523 -- Blood in the REITs, ebiz news from Japan

We've had a few ugly months in the world of real estate ...


Real Estate -- Out of the Rubble

HouseBy Timm Tuttle

A new insurance system has emerged but will the handful of operators be able to handle the workload?

Nearly four years after a scandal exploded over structurally unsafe housing in Japan, the country’s government is set to introduce a new system protecting home and condominium owners against defects in construction.



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