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Terrie Lloyd is a 60-year dual-national of Australia and New Zealand, who has lived in Japan for 35 years. A "self-made man" in the truest sense, he formed his first company while in Japan on a working holiday visa at the age of 25. Since then, he has established another 19 companies of his own and many others for clients.

Lloyd has brought his investors 8 successful earn-outs: LINC Computer in Japan and Techman in Hong Kong sold to EDS in 1995, the Web division of LINC Media sold to Chinadotcom in 1999, Layer-8 Technologies spun out to ThetaMusic in 2003, DaiJob Software Inc. sold to Nikko Principal in 2004, DaiJob Inc. sold to Human Holdings in 2005, Esphion Ltd. in New Zealand sold to Allot Communications Inc. of Israel in 2007, and BiOS sold on the behalf of its remaining shareholders in 2013 to TMJ of Japan.

In addition to Japan Inc Communications, Lloyd is the Founder and/or shareholder in a number of others. They include research and consulting firm Japan Inc. Holdings, software firm MetroWorks, and Japan Inbound travel firm Japan Travel KK. Between them, these companies employ around 30 staff.

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