TT-706 -- Cool Japan May Not Be So Cool After All. E-biz news from Japan.

The job of the "Cool Japan" fund will be to promote Japanese content, high-status food, and cultural products abroad, and to presumably encourage people to travel to Japan and try them here as well.


Mastering the Deadly Art of Change

Many businesses try to change...but few succeed.

At best, a few buzzwords and new reports become part of the company’s structure. At worst, programs crash and burn, and everyone becomes irreparably disillusioned with the revolving door of new-mission statements. According to David Shaner, a business consultant with a 100 percent success rate of change at companies including Duracell, Frito-Lay, Ryobi, and Gillette, the problem is that the implemented changes don’t address either individuals or the corporate culture. They’re only on the surface.

The Importance of Networking

One of the most effective ways to grow a business and advance your career in Japan is to make an effort at networking.

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