JIN-469 -- Violent crime in Japan

After the tragedy that occurred in Akihabara last Sunday, this week's newsletter considers some of the myths and realities surrounding violent criminal acts in Japan. Read Now

JIN-468 -- Japan and Myanmar

Japan and Myanmar have had a history marked by both friendship and hostility. We take a look at the course of relations and question which way they might be headed. Read Now

JIN-467 -- Schindler Japan: Going Up?

Remember the Schindler elevator disaster? This week's newsletter covers the company's changing fortunes in Japan and takes a look at the challenges the post-crisis management faced as wells as the lessons Schindler learned about the Japanese market. Read Now

JIN-466 -- Smoking in Japan Revisited

J@pan Inc revisits the topic of smoking in Japan and, we explain why we are sponsoring a publicity campaign to raise awareness about how adults could do more to protect children from the dangers of passive smoking. Read Now


JIN-465 -- Coke Japan

The Coca Cola Company has been in Japan for over 51 years and has a wide range of brands in the non-alcoholic beverage market here. To find out more about the nature of its business in Japan from corporate structure to marketing, Read Now

JIN-464 -- J@pan Inc May/June Issue

This week's JIN guides you through the latest edition of J@pan Inc magazine, our recruitment special. Packed with articles on a wide-range of Japan-based topics, from investment to politics, skydiving to champagne, click on the links to go directly to the articles that interest you the most.Read Now

JIN-463 -- China rights spotlight

Anti-China sentiment has been erupting all over the world. Most criticism focuses on the issues of civil and political rights. How fair and how productive is this approach? What is the view from Japan? Read Now

JIN-462 -- Uniforms and Uniformity

Japanese dress codes and uniforms are often criticized by modern observers for stifling individuality. However, looked at another way, uniforms are also a source for counter cultures to turn authority on its head and reclaim expression in a unique and individual manner. Read Now

JIN-461 -- Please take one

In the highly competitive and constantly evolving world of marketing, free products are an old stand-by that is constantly being reinvented to keep advertising information in the peripheral vision of consumers. How does this industry play out in Japan? Read New

JIN-460 -- Higher Education

University students in Japan are often the subject of controversy and debate, accused of being everything from lazy to violent. While there have been reforms, most of these relate to the level of funding that institutions receive and Japanese higher educational establishments are having to fight hard to maintain their global competitiveness.



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