JIN-429 -- What do you know about hostessing? Part one

This week’s JIN comes from a young woman who worked in the hostess trade in Japan. It chronicles some of her experiences and wider observations about the industry. To be continued... Read Now


JIN-428 -- India-Japan Relations

If Mr. Abe has gone to India to escape the heat, he is probably in for a disappointment, although he is at least out of the political heat back home for a while. But what is Mr. Abe doing there and what does this visit mean for the alleged convergence in India-Japan relations? Read Now

JIN-427 -- Trouble in the post

This weeks JIN looks at how the changing political landscape in Japan might impact on the plans to privatize Japan Post, in light of a recent announcement by the DPJ that they will be proposing a bill to freeze the process. Read Now

JIN-426 -- Dog Day Afternoon

What could be a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than popping down to Odaiba, one of Tokyo's premier leisure spots, renting a little puppy and taking it for a stroll around the harbour, shopping centres and cafes? This week's 'JIN' explores the latest pet trends in Japan. Read Now

JIN-425 -- Opening Japan's Skies: Part Two

Part Two of J@pan Inc Newsletter's exploration of the debate concerning the liberalization of Japan's aviation industry. This week focuses on slot trading at airports and features exclusive interviews with top industry analysts. Read Now

JIN-424 -- Opening Japan's Skies: Part One

This week is the start of a 2 part J@pan Inc Newsletter special report on the aviation industry in Japan. What are the factors affecting the liberalization process? Who are the catalysts and who are the brakes? What changes lie ahead? Is there a life beyond JAL and ANA?Read Now

JIN-423 -- Who's Saying Sayonara, Abe or Ozawa?

With the Upper House elections approaching J@pan Inc looks at the potential for them to affect the careers of the two main party leaders. Read Now


JIN-422 -- Smoke on the Horizon?

This week's newsletter looks at smoking in Japan from a commercial, legal and social perspective. What part is played by Japan Tobacco, the government, social norms and women in keeping cigarrettes alight in Japan? Read Now


JIN-421 -- Whale Riders vs. Whale Eaters

This week's newsletter takes in rugby, judo, The Last Samurai, and even a junior high school English textbook as it attempts to paint a picture of Japan-New Zealand relations and their political, cultural and commercial dimensions. Read Now

JIN-420 -- The Other Okinawa

Certainly Okinawan politics do have an impact on regional security architecture and both Washington and Tokyo know that they have to keep an eye on local elections and protests there in order to continue to host 70% of the US troops stationed in Japan. Normally local politics are influenced by...


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