JIN-439 -- Alcoholism in Japan

Alcoholism is a growing problem in the world. What is the situation with problem drinking in Japan and what support is available for those suffering from alcoholism? To find out: Read Now


JIN-438 -- Human Traffic

Human trafficking in Japan concerns not only foreign women working in the entertainment industry but also Japanese teenagers and even a government run trainee scheme. We spoke to the Polaris Project to find out more. Read Now

JIN-437 -- Olympic Japan

This week JIN considers Tokyo's bid to host the 2016 Olympics and looks back on Japan's history of Olympic participation. Read Now

JIN-436 -- Virtual communities in Japan

With Mizuho bank's opening of a Ferris Wheel in Second Life's Virtual Tokyo, and fashion store Cecile opening in Virtual Ginza, JIN takes a look at the growing popularity of living life through an avatar in Japan. Read Now

JIN-435 -- Convenient Truths

This week's newsletter considers the love/hate relationship that many of us have with convenience stores including a full consideration of the pros and cons. Read Now

JIN-434 -- Human Rights and Japan

In light of the recent devlopments in Myanmar, there is a debate raging in Japan about what appropriate diplomatic measures should be taken. This week's newsletter delves into the nature of human rights in Japan, theory and practice.
Read Now

JIN-433 -- Meet Mr Fukuda

Yasuo Fukuda, the new Japanese PM, is grey, sober, unexciting. But what does this mean for the world? This week we look at some of the key international relationships that he will have to engage with. Read Now

JIN-432 -- An inspector calls: financial regulation in Japan

This week’s newsletter looks at the problems faced by foreign financial institutions in Japan and questions whether the much-hyped arrival of new laws (J-SOX) to prevent the occurrence of scandals such as Livedoor and Murakami, will stand any chance of making an impact. Read Now

JIN-431 -- Jews in Japan

With the advent of the Jewish new year this week, JIN looks at Jewish-Japanese relations including an interview with Rabbi Henri Noach, leader of the Tokyo community. Read Now

JIN-430 -- Goofy about Disney

This week's JIN considers the success of Disney in Japan with a particular emphasis on the Tokyo Disney resorts and the financial successes of the Oriental Land Company. Read Now



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