JIN-479 -- Japan proposes tax breaks to encourage investment

With the aging society and the economy lagging, Tokyo struggles in its attempt to become an international financial center. Recently appointed Financial Services Minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, proposes tax reform policies to encourage investment and boost the economy. Read Now

JIN-478 -- TSE continues to fall behind the rest of the world

In this week`s newsletter we take a look at the continuing exodus of foreign companies from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. After the delisting of Boeing on August 15 the TSE now has the lowest number of foreign companies listed since the mid-eighties. So what is being done to resolve the situation?
Read Now

JIN-477 -- J@pan Inc Magazine, August 2008

Find out what's in the latest J@pan Inc magazine - includes our legal special, top-level executive interviews, changing employment patterns, the latest green technology, HDTV, beer and taxation issues, retail trends, economic analysis and much much more. Keep up to date on Japanese business Read Now

JIN-476 -- Toto, going over the rainbow?

Japanese toilet maker Toto is the fourth largest company of its type in the world. The company sees water saving innovation as critical to global success and has been making strides in Europe and the US. But are there some flaws in its understanding of energy saving technology? Read Now

JIN-475 -- Worked to death

The phenomenon of death caused by over working, 'karoshi,' has been recognized since the late 1970s. Do recent court cases signal a deepening of the problem or do they reflect positive alterations in corporate cultural norms? Read Now

JIN-474 -- Iran-Japan Relations

Like a number of other countries in the international community, over the last few years Japan has found it increasingly difficult to maintain smooth relations with Iran. But what links are there between Japan and Iran? What good will between Tokyo and Tehran to improve their relationship? Read Now

JIN-473 -- A Crisis of Confidence

With Japanese consumers being swindled out of their yen and supplied with food made from sub-standard or expired ingredients, what effect has this had on their confidence? This week's newsletter looks at the crisis of consumer confidence and what the government is trying to do about it. Read Now

JIN-472 -- J@pan Inc Magazine, July 2008

July's issue of J@pan Inc includes our marketing special feature with articles on advertising giant Dentsu, Krispy Kreme doughnuts and P&G. To help you navigate your way through the contents, read this article and follow the link to go directly to the pieces that interest you. Read Now

JIN-471 -- North Korea: abductions and the nuclear threat

Japan has long viewed North Korea as an enemy and a threat. With signs of a softer approach coming from the US and a settlement of the nuclear issue looking likely, how will Japanese concerns over previous abductions of its citizens impact on its foreign policy? Read Now

JIN-470 -- Soft Power

How important is it that people over the world recognize and buy into Japanese culture? This week's JIN looks at the potential political and economic dimensions to Japan's cultural exports. Read Now


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