JIN-472 -- J@pan Inc Magazine, July 2008

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A weekly opinion piece on social, economic and political trends
in Japan.
Issue No. 472 Wednesday July 2, 2008, Tokyo

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J@pan Inc Issue 78, July 2008

The July edition of J@pan Inc magazine including our
marketing special feature is out now. Here are the highlights:

Deconstructing Dentsu
Japanese advertising agency giant, Dentsu, wields immense power
over media in Japan but what lies behind its success? And,
putting its size aside, how do its practices and methodology
compete in a market that is moving towards less traditional
methods of marketing and PR? Our writer talks to industry
professionals and uses his own personal experiences of the
company to paint an informed picture of how Dentsu works and
which of its methods might be less relevant in the future.

Also in the marketing special feature:

Marketing Luxury Brands in Japan
Jon Hoel looks at the marketing tactics of brands like Coach,
Louis Vuitton and high-end watch brands such as Arnold & Son.
He considers why the Japanese market is such fertile ground as
well as examining how 'challenger' brands such as H&M and Zara
might encroach on their territory by providing lower cost yet
high quality alternatives.

Marketing 101: P&G
Sarah Noorbakhsk examines P&G's long history in Japan and puts
the spotlight on its diverse and evolving marketing techniques.
This online special extended version includes analysis of the
company's recruitment strategy as an additional marketing tool.

Tokyo Queues For You
Queuing is nothing special in Japan. Every day, television
programs show long lines of people queuing for up to one hour,
even in front of regular noodle shops, only to finish their
food within less than ten minutes. Now, the Tokyo branches of
the American doughnut chain Krispy Kreme are taking this
phenomenon to a new level.

The Eyes of the Beholder
As a reseult of new levels of sophistication in terms of
marketing, from Web 2.0 to product placement, the interaction
between consumers and brands poses a challenge in terms of
measurement. CEO of Japan Market Intelligence, Andrew Thill,
discusses how new eye-tracking technology has been adopted by
the market research industry to measure consumer response in a
number of different ways.

Marketing Services Directory
Don't miss our comprehensive list of English language capable
marketing services in Japan

On the cover: The Healthcare Revolution
The healthcare industry in Japan is in a period of flux. The
ongoing migration of the population from rural areas to cities
combined with growing expectations concerning the convenience
and speed of treatment, has created a market for efficient,
urban medical centers that offer a one-stop shop with a range
of healthcare services available. We learned how Medical Hi-Net,
a consulting company who handle real estate, recruitment and
marketing, are bringing the medical mall to Japan.

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Other articles include:

Standing Out From the Crowd
Higher end retail banking is experiencing something of a boom
at the moment. Hugh Ashton looks at three foreign-owned banks,
HSBC, Tokyo Star Bank and Shinsei and compares their marketing
strategies, unique features and analyzes how they compete with
each other.

Bridging the Gap
Most descriptions of Arabia these days command superlatives:
The world's tallest tower; the world's first 7-star hotel; the
world's three largest man-made islands, shaped as palm trees.
The list goes on and makes the eyes boggle, and prospective
suppliers salivate. J@pan Inc looks at interaction between Japan
and the Gulf states and identifies where the synergies lie and
what the future might hold.

Going Up?
Remember the Schindler elevator disaster? This month's issue
covers the company's changing fortunes in Japan and takes a look
at the challenges the post-crisis management faced as wells as
the lessons Schindler learned about the Japanese market.
Includes an exclusive interview with new CEO of Schindler Japan,
Gerhard Schlosser.

CEO Interview: Fabrizio Lavezarri
We talk to the Representative Director of Armani Exchange Japan.

Business Break & Trends in Japan
Our regular round-up of new businesses, IPO Watch and
trend news.

Measure for Measure
Industry and economic environment statistics, plus a focus on
innovative hotel group, Super Hotel.

Exclusive Interview: Phillip Greenan
J@pan Inc talks to the Executive Director of the Ireland Japan
Chamber of Commerce.

Can Japan Please Stand Up?
Japan's makes no secret of its ambition to become a permanent
member of the UN Security Council. We take at look at the status
of Japan's bid and its likelihood of success.

Inside Out: Business in India
Our column on emerging markets considers risks and
opportunities in India.

The Perfect Suit
Kevin Mcgue goes on a journey round town and discovers the
finer points of bespoke tailoring.

The Best Dive this side of Izu
We head down to Hachijo-jima and discover its treasures below
the waves.

Arrivals & Departures
Who's coming and going in the international business
community here in Japan.

Classic Crossword
It just got harder!

Back & Forward
Ken Worsley's satirical take on the economy.

I hope you enjoy this issue, our first as a monthly for a while!

Peter Harris


J@pan Inc - Managing Editor/Entrepreneur

J@pan Inc magazine, the publication for foreign entrepreneurs
and businesspeople in Japan is seeking a Managing Editor with
strong entrepreneurial instincts. Not your run-of-the-mill
editing position, we require someone with strong editorial and
management experience to both manage an editorial and production
team to turn out Japan's largest English-language business
monthly. The successful candidate would also be expected to
shape the magazine to become a proactive player in the foreign
business community. Think content involving the world's largest
companies and business development involving some of Japan's
most enterprising businesses -- an unlikely combination but an
exciting opportunity to make your mark in Japan.

Remuneration will be industry competitive and prospects

To apply, please send your resume, covering letter and
any relevant clippings to: terrie@japaninc.com




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