JIN-498 -- Self-sufficiency finds its way onto the agenda

The government is ready to play ball on rice quotas.

JIN-497 -- Bittersweet days as Toyota gets set to take pole position

No time for celebration as Japan's auto giant poises to overtake GM as the world's biggest automaker.

JIN-496 -- "Can't buy me love" by Taro Aso and the LDPs

The latest stimulus package from the government hasn't exactly received a warm reception.

JIN-495 -- Nintendo continues dominance in shrinking market

Hardware market shrinks but Nintendo shows its muscle at the end of 2008.

JIN-494 -- Tankan survey says that manufacturers' confidence... tanks

Tough times knock sentiment, but it could be worse, right?

JIN-493 -- Lonely times ahead for the Otaku Prince

Prime Minister Aso just keeps losing friends.

JIN-492 -- An M&A Christmas

With the yen strong and shareholder confidence lacking, Japanese companies are looking to buy up big in 2009.

JIN-492 -- Two months down... time for a new PM?

Rumblings are already being heard about Taro Aso's leadership.

JIN-491 -- Currency chills start to hit tourism industry

It'll be a long winter for some of Japan's tourist operators.

JIN-490 -- Bad after good: Toyota's shrinking feeling

Tough times ahead for Japan's motoring giant.


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