JIN-509 -- A turbulent year ahead for the airline industry

IATA predicts $9 billion in losses for 2009.

JIN-508 -- The Big Sleep

Toyota is employing P.I.s to identify its weak links...

JIN-507 -- The Hayashi curry poisoning

Should the verdict have been upheld?

JIN-505 -- Tankan survey bottoms out as sentiment worsens

Large manufacturers feel that things aren't so grand.

JIN-504 -- Sports update: Ozawa fights on

Possible TKO but Dark Prince of the democratic process stays on.

JIN-503 -- Donor-backed bonds immune to downturn

Bonds for vaccines are a hit with investors.

JIN-502 -- When the chips are down, there's no business like show business

The movie business ain't so bad.

JIN-501 -- Admit when you have a problem - the economy I mean

The now ex-finance minister Shoichi Nakagawa may have been under the weather, drunk or sick, you take your pick, but one thing is for sure - the state of the economy is enough to drive anyone to drink.

JIN-500 -- Back to the future (of the labor market)

The nation's shrinking workforce still has the baby blues.

JIN-499 -- Fiat money plan seems like more of the same.

The government proposes to throw some more money at voters as the election approaches.


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