JIN-449 -- Cracks in the Skyline

What's next for the Tokyo skyline and what will the towers of Tokyo look like in the future? This week's JIN focuses on construction and architectural trends in the capital Read Now

JIN-448 -- J@pan Inc Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008

This week's JIN guides you through the latest edition of J@pan Inc magazine, our 75th issue. Packed with articles on a wide-range of Japan-based topics and more, follow the links to navigate directly to the articles that interest you. Read Now

JIN-447 -- UK-Japan Relations

2008 is not only the year of the mouse but also time to celebrate 'UK-Japan 2008', marking the 150th anniversary of Anglo-Japanese relations. We take a look at why Japan and the UK actually have a lot in common and trace the brief history of these two island countries.

JIN-446 -- People to watch out for in 2008

Who'll be making the Japanese headlines in 2008? The JIN tries to foresee who'll be the movers and shakers in 2008 in politics, business, popular culture and sport. Read Now

JIN-445 -- McJapan

The golden arches have been in Japan for over 35 years and during that time the business has been hugely successful. For an overview of McDonald's in Japan including its latest campaigns and fortunes, Read JIN Now

JIN-444 -- Katakana Times

Katakana, Japan's 46 character phonetic script, used mainly for the writing of foreign words, is a source of fascination for linguists, philosophers and anthropologists. This week JIN takes a critical look at various commentaries on this linguistic phenomenon. Read Now

JIN-443 -- Australia-Japan Relations

With the election of Kevin Rudd to the Australian premiership many have speculated that there will be a cooling down of bilateral relations with Japan. This week's JIN takes a long view of the dynamic between the two countries, from iron ore exports to whale hunting. Read Now

JIN-442 -- Water Drops

As men and women in Japan relax in hot spring baths, down in Beppu the first ever Asia-Pacific Water Summit is about to take place. The summit addresses the issue of water scarcity which, with current climate trends, looks set to become one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Read Now

JIN-441 -- Miss Universe Japan

Ines Ligron, the business brain behind Miss Universe Japan talks to J@pan Inc about her work with Japan's most beautiful women. A successful entrepreneur, Ligron talks about her road to the top and explains how and why Miss Universe Japan is as profitable as it is glamorous. Read Now

JIN-440 -- November/December J@pan Inc Outline

This week's newsletter outlines the content of J@pan Inc's latest magazine including articles on software for J-SOX, virtual machines, travel in Okinawa, fashion trends, finance, Second Life and more. Read Now


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