JIN-459 -- Japan and Refugees

Japan does not have a great track record of recognizing and accepting refugees. However, it ranks among one of the highest financial donor of aid, much of which goes to helping refugees. We spoke to Jane Best of Refugees International Japan about how her organization that tries to improve the lot of refugees worldwide Read Now

JIN-458 -- What do you know about hostessing? Part Three

In the third part of this series on her life as a hostess, "June" explains the practices known in the trade as "dohan" and "afters." Are these activities voluntary? How vital are they for the hostess to build a career? Read Now


JIN-457 -- Ireland Japan Relations

St Paddy's saw Omotesando closed off for the annual parade complete Guiness hot air balloons and Irish dancing. JIN takes a longer term look at the course of Ireland-Japan relations Read Now

JIN-456 -- Depressed Japan

In the wake of a recent suicide pact in Aomori, JIN looks at the issue of mental health in Japan, particularly clinical depression. What can account for the dramatic increase in the numbers of people diagnosed as clinically depressed? Read Now


JIN-455 -- J@pan Inc Magazine, March/April 2008

This week's JIN guides you through the latest edition of J@pan Inc magazine, our recruitment special. Packed with articles on a wide-range of Japan-based topics, from investment to politics, skydiving to champagne, click on the links to go directly to the articles that interest you the most.

JIN-454 -- Japain?

The Economist reports this weeks that Japan's political establishment is leading the economy down the road to ruin. However, is the situation really so dire? And how much do the politicians really matter? Read Now


JIN-453 -- Space Race Japan

Can you fly paper airplanes back from space? Will a boomerang fly through the galaxies? These are all questions Japan is trying to answer in its re-energized projects to expolore the solar system. Read Now

JIN-252 -- What do you know about hostessing? Part two

The second part of our exploration into the industry of hostess bars. The writer tells of her own personal experiences and reveals the financial realities for the young women involved. Read Now


JIN-451 -- Right-wing issues

Right-wing groups are a small but noisy minority on Japan's political landscape. This week's newsletter looks at the causes close to their hearts and considers the nature of their protests. Read Now


JIN-450 -- The Taxi Business

Taxis in Japan. They cost more and you can't smoke in them, but how have Japan's cab businesses changed and what has been the result of deregulating the industry? Read Now



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