TT-695 -- Where to Find Venture Funding in 2013, ebiz news from Japan

Things have changed a lot since the heady days of 1998-1999, when the 4-year US dotcom bubble had just hit Japan's shores and when it was possible to raise a hundred million yen on a mere business plan.


TT-684 -- Making Hospitals More Commercially Viable, ebiz news from Japan

The government announced that it was going to help stimulate the medical sector by creating new guidelines to encourage Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to invest in hospitals.


Financial Funds -- Below the Radar

China’s opaque state fund SAFEBy Hugh Ashton

As China’s secretive investment fund makes waves around the world, how much longer can it keep quiet?

Are China's once-silent investment funds moving into Japan?


TT-485 -- Holiday Homes in the Mountains, ebiz news from Japan

With property prices still decreasing in rural Japan, J@pan Inc looks at how foreigners can find some great deals and invest, especially with the increase of foreign friendly mortgage deals from Japanese banks.


JIN-479 -- Japan proposes tax breaks to encourage investment

With the aging society and the economy lagging, Tokyo struggles in its attempt to become an international financial center. Recently appointed Financial Services Minister, Toshimitsu Motegi, proposes tax reform policies to encourage investment and boost the economy. Read Now

Investment: Market Turbulence and the Emotional Conundrum

CreditCreditBy Chris Cleary-- “The recent stock market woes have dented my investing confidence, so I’m sitting on the sidelines right now. I’m scared markets will go down more...if they don’t I’ll curse myself!” -- When is a good time to invest? Obviously at market lows. And to disinvest? Obviously at market highs. The dictum buy low/sell high is perfectly rational. However, market conditions are always uncertain. Fluctuation is the mechanism of price discovery. Markets fluctuate perpetually: whether they are moving sideways, upwards or downwards



Investment - Portable Pension Plans and Rogue AdvisersBy Chris Cleary -- Portable Pension Plans and Rogue Advisers -- Portable pensions plans are a means for people working abroad to build up a lump-sum for their retirement when their employment circumstances will not automatically provide them with a pension. This article looks at who such plans are suitable for and how they work. It also considers the pitfalls of such plans and the unfortunate issue of rogue advisers, along with the questions you should ask when considering taking out a portable pension plan.


Capital Guarantees

Capital GuaranteesBy Chris Cleary

In investing there is always a tension between the desire to maximize gain, and the wish to avoid loss. These are key parameters in the selection of financial instruments.


Investment: Regular Savings

DJ 1921-1935DJ 1921-1935By Chris Cleary
How would you like to invest into the crash of ’29?

Investing in hindsight is easy, a maxim most investors assent to— except when applied to their own recent hard-won successes, which are the rewards of foresight, and the willingness to embrace risk.


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