JIN-389 -- Black Ships and Brown Hair

Blackening the teeth dates from ancient times in Japan. However, the stratum of society who performed this practice changed with the age. From the 17th century women blackened their teeth upon marriage, sort of a rite of passage to adulthood.

JIN-388 -- One Cranberry Juice for the Road

On the evening of August 25 Futoshi Imabayashi, 22, drank copious quantities of beer and shochu at home and a local pub. Then he got behind the wheel. He didn't see the SUV on the bridge...


JIN-387 -- Ambushing an Editor-at-Large

Yoshihisa Komori, an editor-at-large for the "Sankei Shimbun," a right-of-center daily, earlier this week published in the New York Times an op-ed piece entitled "Who's Afraid of Shinzo Abe"...

JIN-386 -- Death Row Inmates Should be Nervous

The trend worldwide is toward the abolishment of capital punishment. The US and Japan are the only industrialized nations that still carry out executions...

JIN-385 -- In the Belly of Kotobukicho

Informed of the renovation of flophouses in Kotobukicho, a stone's throw from JR's Ishikawacho Station in Yokohama, I visited the Yokohama Hostel Village (YHV), on the second road from the canal. The kind people at YHV fixed me up with a room in Hayashi Kaikan, a renovated flophouse, for 3,000 yen a night...

JIN-384 -- Reflections On the Nikkei's Rankings of Most Livable Tokyo Quarters for Foreigners

The Nikkei survey reveals Japanese believe foreigners find Azabu-Hiroo the most livable quarter of Tokyo and the Shitamachi among the least livable.

JIN-383 -- It's a Boy

Princess Kiko gives birth to a boy, but at least one Japanese is no fan of the Imperial Family.

JIN-382 -- A Yellow Peril for Makers of Compacts

The "Kei" (mini) cars are coming!

JIN-381 -- 'Tokyo the Powerful' barges her way into world

Headlines across the globe splashed out the Asian giant's
woes: "It happens in Tokyo too: Power cut cripples city"

JIN-380 -- The Heart of Koizumi

When I turned on the news Tuesday morning, I was surprised
to see a live telecast of a motorcade.
The broadcaster's helicopter hovered over the black
limousines as they traveled through streets empty because of
hour and season, this being O-Bon, when Tokyoites return to


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