JIN-464 -- J@pan Inc May/June Issue

J@pan Inc Newsletter
The 'JIN' J@pan Inc Newsletter
A weekly opinion piece on social, economic and political trends
in Japan.
Issue No. 464 Wednesday May 6, 2008, Tokyo

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J@pan Inc Issue 77, 2008

The May/June edition of J@pan Inc magazine including our
real estate special feature is out now. Here are the highlights:

The Capital of Asia
As we move into what we hope is the post-subprime era, Asia is
shaping up to be an attractive region for investors with its
blend of sophisticated financial centers and rapidly growing
emerging markets. For the Capital Services Group, its
establishment in Japan during the late 1990s to service loans
for a major US investment bank provided it with the basis of a
platform that now spreads across eight different regional
markets. It is now seeing significant growth in regional
investment in its core areas of service, namely real estate
asset management, loan servicing and technology solutions for
reporting. We spoke to the senior management team and learned
how the group has expanded to its current size and how it is
re-setting the agenda in the market by putting its own capital
alongside those of its clients in projects across the region.
To read the full article visit:

Also in the real estate special feature:

Safe from Subprime? Brad Frischkorn analyzes the effect of the
crisis in the US on Japan. Including interviews with leading
industry players and analysts we reveal why there are grounds
for cautious optimism. With a systemic aversion to risk and
diversification strategies employed by the REITs, the wider
Japan market looks to be in a relatively healthy state.

Japanese Architecture – Japan's unique architectural landscape
has received mixed a opinion. Anna Kitanaka traverses the debate
between those who see Japan as a haven of creative freedom and
those who argue that tight regulations are needed to restore
harmony and consistency.

And, for all manner of real estate needs, don't miss our
Real Estate Services Directory

Under the Media's Skin
In 2005, Kyodo PR and PRAP were the first domestic agencies in
Japan to go to IPO. Based on a series of conversations with
several leading minds in the business, this article considers
how the unique industry here has proved ripe for a blend of
foreign and local techniques. However, it seems that the
top-down advertising model is proving less and less successful
as more subtle ways of getting the message out are beginning to
gain preference. In the words of Robert Picard, Representative
Director of Edelman Japan, "Public relations is posed for a
revolution in Japan." The article includes valuable guidance on
how to choose the right PR agency for your business.

Sending the Right Signals
On other pages we spoke to a Japanese marketing expert who has
helped small-medium enterprises with marketing and PR in Japan.
Kiyofumi Someya of the company Kakudai was the brains behind the
marketing success of a thin strip of metal that improves mobile
reception and battery life. The original inventor had tried in
vain to release his product into the mainstream but it was until
he met Kakudai that he was able to really break the market by
sorting out the branding and, raising the price!

Reinventing the Wheel
This edition's focus on technology takes us to Shikoku where
a jewelry designer named Mitsuo Sawada has invented a
four-sided disc with a wheel on each corner that essentially
allow wheel to ascend or descend staircases in a smooth and
continuous manner. Having already patented his invention in nine
countries and making good sales in Japan, Sawada is happy to see
his idea taking off commercially. However, not wishing to leave
his idyllic surroundings in Kagawa, Mr Sawada is now looking to
sell off his enterprise.

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Other articles include:
CEO Interview: Masahiro Ito
We talk to the 25-year-old CEO of interface design company,

Business Break & Trends in Japan
Our regular round-up of new businesses, IPO Watch and
trend news.

Measure for Measure
Industry and economic environment statistics, plus a focus on
innovative hair dresser, QB House.

The Long Game
Director of the Economist Intelligence Unit in Japan, Graham
Davis gives us his take on market conditions for foreign
business working in Japan.

Exclusive Interview: Ian de Stains
J@pan Inc talks to the Executive Director of the British
Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

Discovering Kagawa
Down in Shikoku, writer Andrew Cockburn unlocks the beauty of
Kagawa and explores it areas of cultural interest.

Inside Out: Business in Russia
Our column on emerging markets considers risks and
opportunities in Russia.

Difficulties and Rewards of Starting a Business in Japan
J@pan Inc is proud to publish the winning entry in a business
writing contest we held at Temple University Japan.

Lacking in Style
Tim Coghlan reviews Japan Fashion Week and finds it somewhat
behind the times.

Arrivals & Departures
Who's coming and going in the international business
community here in Japan.

Classic Crossword
It just got harder!

Back & Forward
Ken Worsley's satirical take on the economy.

I hope you enjoy this issue,

Peter Harris


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Speakers: Takaaki Hata, Principal of Globis Capital Partners

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