The Dark Side -- The Smokescreen

High Rise BuildingBy Sarah Noorbakhsh

Are companies using CSR to hide other unsavory business activities?


Sustainability -- Approaching the Tipping Point

Illustration of SustainabilityBy Darrell Nelson

Japan's government finally puts sustainability on the table.

One way in which Japan’s situation can be analyzed is by looking at its food self-sufficiency rate. Dr. Kouyu Furasawa, a professor of ecological economics at Kokugakuin University, recently conducted research into this field.


Carbon Trading -- The Politics of Eco-Commerce

Smoke emitting from chimneysBy Anna Kitanaka

Can Japan play its cards right in the game of carbon trading?

During history’s most eco-friendly G8 summit in July this year, then Prime Minister of Japan and summit host Yasuo Fukuda made grandiose speeches about the need to tackle climate change.


Corporate Donations -- CSR: The new PR

Illustration: Corporate Social ResponsibilityBy Karryn Miller

Corporate social responsibility is now a business prerequisite, but how has it affected the way charities do business?

A look at what charity donations can do for the corporate image.


The Driver's Seat -- Company Types & Capitalization

Terrie LloydBy Terrie Lloyd

What type of company is best when starting up in Japan and how much capital should it have?

Probably the two most common questions asked by foreign CEOs wanting to establish a presence in Japan are what type of corporate structure they should use and what the capitalization should be.


Economy -- A whole new system

Illustration of a Japanese BankBy Jesper Koll

Although Japan’s post-bubble era financial structure isn’t something to look up to, its industry developments may be the answer.

Japanese banks may not have much to offer as an example to follow, but the country’s industry development does.


Urban Developments -- Scrap and Build

Kabuki-za in GinzaBy Brett Bull

With increasing numbers of cultural properties being demolished, what has become the value of preservation?


Industry Focus -- The iPhone: Where now?

iPhone JapanBy Ken Worsley

Half-a-year on and the hype about iPhone Japan is ceaseless.
But can Apple really penetrate the Japanese market?


Travel Kyoto -- A mouthful of history

Handmade desserts at Demachi FutabaBy Sarah Noorbakhsh

There’s no better way to know Kyoto than to eat it.

An excursion to Kyoto would not be complete without the usual rounds: Kinkakuji, Kiyomizu, Heian Jingu. But if you’ve had your share of temple incense, try this one-day excursion around the ancient capital and experience the city through your stomach.



Fashion -- Luxurious Gifts

Edwardian Blue Horn shaving set.By Kevin Mcgue

With the holiday season fast approaching, it is high time to cross off the remaining items on the yearly gift list. Anyone undecided on what to get for that special someone still has time to find a luxurious gift with a personal touch.




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