Virtual Attack

Illustration of a Computer VirusBy Jason Miks

Viruses, spam, hackers, phishing—words that are increasingly familiar yet businesses here are still dangerously behind the times.


The Driver's Seat: Getting by Without a Local CEO

Terrie LloydBy Terrie Lloyd

Founding an office in Japan and hiring a local CEO is not only expensive, but fraught with risk. We take a look at an economical yet safer option.


Economy: America is Not Japan

Jesper KollBy Jesper Koll

The re-regulation and nationalization of the US banking system is a far cry from the dark days here following the bubble era.


Urban Developments: Girls Bars

Brett BullBy Brett Bull

With stricter enforcement of the adult entertainment law, hostess clubs are having to think of new ways to do business.


Industry Focus: Guarantors Not Guaranteed

Ken WorsleyBy Ken Worsley

The real estate industry is crumbling, taking down the recently created guarantor services with them. Will the trade survive?


The Cartographer’s Trail

Japanese Stone JizoBy Benjamin Brown

Although rural Japan has long been in decline, Hiroshima’s Onomichi is a hidden pearl in a rusting landscape.



The Time Keeper

Royal Orient WatchBy Kevin McGue

Swiss-made wristwatches have long been known for precision, craftsmanship and reliability. So famed is Switzerland for its timepiece exports that one could almost be forgiven for thinking that watches aren’t made in any other country. However, with longevity, technological perfection, and innovative design, Japanese-made watches have much to offer its European rivals.



Fine Wining And Dining: WW

WW offers an elegant spot for some after-work drinks.By Sarah Norbakhsh

Good things come in little packages; the phrase is oft overused, but wine bar WW takes it for another spin with their electric oasis hidden in Tokyo’s Shin-Marunouchi Building.


Fine Wining And Dining: Aquavit

Tender braised venison.By Sarah Noorbakhsh

For a crash-course in Swedish cuisine, Tokyoites can now turn to newly opened Aquavit Tokyo.


Publisher's Message: A Role for Market Entry Consultants

Terrie LloydTerrie LloydBy Terrie Lloyd -- It is no secret that market entry consultants everywhere have developed a bad reputation for being expensive and simply telling you things that you already know. But the fact is that countries where most outsiders don’t speak the language, such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China, not having a bilingual person on the ground could lock you out of that market completely.



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