TT-572 -- Restaurant Listings Wars, e-biz news from Japan

Competing website strategies: member companies driven Guru Navi versus user driven Tabelog.


TT-556 -- Coffee Shop Business, ebiz news from Japan

Japan is the number 3 importer of coffee globally. Per capita consumption, however, is putting the country at Number 41.


TT-517 -- Down-market nutrition, ebiz in Japan

Look out waistband, it's The Return of Micky-D's


Fine Wining & Dining -- Gion Kahala

Kyoto beefBy Sarah Noorbakhsh

Posh teppanyaki restaurants are no rare beast. They feel exclusive and mildly elitist, but a visit to one is arguably like taking a seat at the vast majority of them—sleek wooden countertops tucked away inside high-profile real estate.


Fine Wining & Dining -- Roy’s Tokyo Bar & Grill

Roy’s elegant dining room.By Steve Trautlein

Roy Yamaguchi needs no introduction to the vast majority of American gourmands. The 52-year-old Tokyo native is celebrated for melding the flavors of Hawaii—his ancestral home—with ingredients and cooking techniques from around the world.


Fine Wining And Dining: WW

WW offers an elegant spot for some after-work drinks.By Sarah Norbakhsh

Good things come in little packages; the phrase is oft overused, but wine bar WW takes it for another spin with their electric oasis hidden in Tokyo’s Shin-Marunouchi Building.


Fine Wining And Dining: Aquavit

Tender braised venison.By Sarah Noorbakhsh

For a crash-course in Swedish cuisine, Tokyoites can now turn to newly opened Aquavit Tokyo.


Fine Wining and Dining: New York Grill

New York GrillBy Sarah Noorbakhsh -- Iconic resident of the Shinjuku skyline, the Park Hyatt Hotel is an unexpected destination for drinks in what may be one of the biggest watering holes in the city. A walk through the hotel is an experience in and of itself; marble floors and mirrored walls envelope visitors, making the walk to the elevators much like a stroll through a labyrinth.


Fine Wining and Dining: The Oregon Bar & Grill

The Oregon Bar & GrillBy Hamish Macnamara -- While some of Tokyo’s “best-kept-secret” bars can be found stashed away down dark alleys and in basements, Tokyoites should occasionally turn their eyes towards the sky in search for that gem of a bar. These are prime places to get great views of the Tokyo skyline, but more often than not people head for the glitz and the glam found on the west side of the Yamanote line, in places like Shinjuku or Roppongi.


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