Urban Developments -- Scrap and Build

Kabuki-za in GinzaBy Brett Bull

With increasing numbers of cultural properties being demolished, what has become the value of preservation?


Urban Developments: Girls Bars

Brett BullBy Brett Bull

With stricter enforcement of the adult entertainment law, hostess clubs are having to think of new ways to do business.


Urban Developments: Pachinko Prince

Brett BullBy Brett Bull -- Despite the hit that it has taken in recent years, pachinko remains big business for those who find their niche. A stroll around Shinjuku Station will reveal plenty of pachinkov parlors emitting noises of rapidly firing steel balls to the sound of pounding dance tunes. Such clamor is music to the ears of Ei Yoshida, president of G&E Business School—a pachinko academy to learn all there is to know about what is basically an upright pinball game.


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