Manufacturing -- Shifting Gears

By Norifumi Kawai

Keiretsu corporate networks are innate to the Japanese auto sector, but could this system finally be changing?


Industry Focus -- The iPhone: Where now?

iPhone JapanBy Ken Worsley

Half-a-year on and the hype about iPhone Japan is ceaseless.
But can Apple really penetrate the Japanese market?


Industry Focus: Guarantors Not Guaranteed

Ken WorsleyBy Ken Worsley

The real estate industry is crumbling, taking down the recently created guarantor services with them. Will the trade survive?


Industry Focus: The Price of Japan's Food

Ken WorsleyBy Ken Worsley -- Self-sufficiency based on a point system? Japan is the world’s largest net importer of food. Nearly 90 percent of wheat consumed in Japan is imported, and about 18 million tons of corn is purchased each year from the United States alone. When global food prices rise—whether due to speculation, unfavorable weather conditions or higher oil prices—Japanese firms and consumers find themselves at the mercy of external forces as price increases pinch budgets.


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