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Japan Inc Magazine -- Ten Years of Business Analysis on Japan

At its core, J@pan Inc is about technology innovation in Japan. Specifically, it covers the products, companies, and people behind such innovation; more broadly, it touches upon related topics, such as VC funding, cultural trends, and academia-industry cooperation. Our mission is to cover these matters objectively, without preference, exaggeration, or boosterism.

Japan's prolonged recession is leading to government deregulation, a more flexible and transparent corporate culture, and changing attitudes in society toward entrepreneurialism. The nation's technology innovation, already cutting-edge, is increasing thanks to more entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and meritocracy-based work environments in which good ideas survive and flourish. Fresh concepts and entirely new industries are being born in Japan.


BUSINESS J@pan Inc is about business in Japan. New business. Technology business. So while we'll never cover the metal parts industry, we will cover a B2B online exchange allowing metal parts to be traded more efficiently than before. We will cover startups using new technologies to circumvent the old guard. We will reveal the best way to do business in Japan now. We will provide the research and statistics that prove the New Economy here is not hype. We will map the territory, showing where the hot startups are concentrating around Japan. In other words, we will show readers everything that matters now.

TECHNOLOGY Technology reporting is a subtle craft. Too often publications get obsessed with the inconsequential details. We're experienced enough to know better. We keep things in their proper perspective, and delve into the tech specs only when necessary to understanding the bigger picture. Our readers want the executive summary. (Naturally -- they're executives.) Of course, there's the more playful side of technology to consider as well. Every month, we show readers the latest of Japan's cool little gizmos and gadgets, which are often months or even years ahead of the rest of the world.

PEOPLE Entrepreneurs are our heroes. We love sharing their stories with our readers. We excel in this area: there's simply no other publication in the world that covers Japan's high-tech entrepreneurs like J@pan Inc (in fact, judging from some other publications, you would never guess there were any). Our coverage expands beyond entrepreneurs, of course: Presidents. Politicians. Professors. Authors. Foreign CEOs looking to break into the market. Anyone who has a stake in Japan's New Economy.

... and MORE Our readers are smart enough to know when it's time to unplug from work. That's why we sprinkle each issue with fun, interesting stuff. The best Italian restaurant in Tokyo. The latest and greatest hotel. A cool little make-your-own-robot shop in Akihabara. A small-screen guide to Hiroshima.