Carbon Trading -- The Politics of Eco-Commerce

Smoke emitting from chimneysBy Anna Kitanaka

Can Japan play its cards right in the game of carbon trading?

During history’s most eco-friendly G8 summit in July this year, then Prime Minister of Japan and summit host Yasuo Fukuda made grandiose speeches about the need to tackle climate change.


J@pan Inc -- Japan: Land of the Rising Target?

TreesJapan must now aim to reduce emissions by as much as 15 percent.
By Willhemina Wahlin

Japan, steeped in a tradition of honor and commitment, must face an embarrassing truth: it has not made a dent in its Kyoto Protocol target emissions, its 6% target reduction soaring to an 8.3% increase by 2003, which essentially put the target in the vicinity of 15%.


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