Summer 2006 Issue

Summer 2006

On the cover: Day Trading in Japan: How to set up a stock trading account as a non-Japanese.

Summer 2006
(June 2006)
No. 68

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J@pan Inc -- Permissive Tendencies Diagnosed by Sigmund

Tim RomeroWizaz's new software removes the threat of unwanted communications.
By Terrie Lloyd / Photos by Andy Rain

Sigmund is, in fact, a piece of software, the latest brainchild of serial Tokyo-based entrepreneur Tim Romero.


J@pan Inc -- Ion Technology

Nobuyuki TabataA venture company nearly halves the production cost of power cells.
By John Dodd / Photos by Andy Rain

A Tokyo-based venture company called Ion Technology has created a true paper-thin battery (not a capacitor) by developing an active solid electrolyte from naturally occurring minerals that when processed can be printed, or pasted, as a powder solution on to paper and plastic base materials for use as a battery.


J@pan Inc -- Day Trading in Japan

Day Trading in Japan: The Japanese stock market has risen over 50% in the last five years, and last year was the best-performing major stock market in the world. How to set up a stock trading account as a non-Japanese
By Yukie Lloyd

The Japanese stock market has risen over 50% in the last five years, and last year was the best-performing major stock market in the world. As a result, trillions of dollars of foreign money has been pouring into the Tokyo Stock Exchange alone over the last 12 months. reckons the increase was 38% last year to US$54.8 billion, about 160% more foreign investment than in 2003.


J@pan Inc -- Inheritance Taxation Planning

Takashi HongoA talk with Takashi Hongo, president of TACT Consulting.
By John Dodd / Photos by Andy Rain

Perhaps the most reputed and capable expert of all is 59-year-old Takashi Hongo, whose company, TACT Consulting, assists businesspeople throughout Japan. I was introduced to Hongo-san by an acquaintance who recently sold his property management business, and wanted to retire knowing that his family was taken care of.


J@pan Inc -- Putting the "!" Behind the "*"

Louis LeclercAsterisk systems reach Tokyo.
By John Dodd / Photos by Andy Rain

One of the most difficult and expensive office equipment procurement decisions a manager can make is that of buying a PBX. When all most of us want is simply a phone that is easy and convenient to use, why is it that these complex and hard-to-remember systems cost more than the entire inventory of office PCs?


J@pan Inc -- Not So Generic Mice

MiceJapanese companies venture into the transgenic mouse trade.
by By Bonnie Lee La Madeleine

The breeding and distribution of transgenic mice, mice with deliberately and artificially altered genetic backgrounds, is a business with a steep learning curve, high entry costs, and high risk. A business opportunity? Absolutely not, say most.


J@pan Inc -- Ryotaro Shiba, in Memorium

Reflections on the writer on the tenth anniversary of his death.
By Burritt Sabin

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the passing of Ryotaro Shiba (1923-1996), novelist, essayist, travel writer. Yet 250 paperback editions of his 350 books still line store shelves. In January NHK began a yearlong broadcast of an adaptation of Shiba's novel Komyo ga Tsuji. And recently the Asahi Shimbun held a symposium on Shiba.


Japanese Hospital Guide

Chiba's Kameda HospitalTips for choosing physicians and hospitals.
by By Emily Kubo


J@pan Inc -- Japan: Land of the Rising Target?

TreesJapan must now aim to reduce emissions by as much as 15 percent.
By Willhemina Wahlin

Japan, steeped in a tradition of honor and commitment, must face an embarrassing truth: it has not made a dent in its Kyoto Protocol target emissions, its 6% target reduction soaring to an 8.3% increase by 2003, which essentially put the target in the vicinity of 15%.



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