Sustainability -- Edo Eco

Illustration: RecyclingBy Thomas Daniell

Increasing self sufficiency

The idealized self-sufficiency of Edo Japan is no longer tenable. For true sustainability, everything removed must be replenished.


Industry -- Global Sensitivity

By Kozo Kiyota

The influence of multinational firms in Japanese trade.

Multinational firms directly employ nearly 40 percent of workers and have approximately 94 percent share of Japanese exports.


Real Estate -- REITs

By Hugh Ashton

Some light at the end of the tunnel?

The Japanese real estate and property developer worlds, like so much of the financial world, appear to be in a state of crisis. Residential property developers, builders, etc. appear to be dropping like flies—almost every day seems to bring news of another failure in this area.


Publisher's Message -- Recession Progression

Terrie LloydTerrie LloydBy Terrie Lloyd

Where to earn cash in times of economic woe.

Governments around the world are announcing the advent of a recession. At the time of writing, economists in Japan are saying that we’re already in one. The meltdown happened so quickly that many companies are still trying to come to grips with what the changes mean for them.


Editor's Message

Michael CondonMichael CondonBy Michael Condon

On the cover, we are running with an issue that is flooding the forums and chatrooms on the Japanese Web. We put illegal downloads and the wider issue of copyright infringement under the microscope as new laws are debated in Japan. Will your average 14-year-old, caught downloading ringtones, be hit with a civil lawsuit? J@pan Inc talks to some new media experts as well as the music industry to get their opinion.


Business Break & Measure for Measure

Internet advertisingIn their latest bid to gain consumers’ attention, Dentsu, Fujitsu, and Advanced Communications have announced that they have developed a new distribution model for Internet advertising using a “license code system.”


Trends -- CScout Japan

World’s smallest portable karaoke machineBy Rebecca Milner - CScout Japan

World’s smallest portable karaoke machine

Toy maker Takara Tomy has come out with Hi-Kara, a miniature portable monitor and headphone set. The device can also be hooked up to your computer, enabling the download of new hit songs.



Retail Focus -- Made in Japan?

FrancFrancBy Kevin Mcgue

Foreign branding takes on new life in Japan

One of the first Japanese companies to learn the power of foreign branding started life under the not-so-catchy name of Shokosha Watch Research Institute in 1918.


The Deal -- The Big, Green Giant

GiantBy Shaun Davies

Sanyo’s eco-friendly technology proved too good for Panasonic to look past.

The biggest deal in town in November was without doubt Panasonic’s proposed tie-up with smaller rival Sanyo.


Technology -- Cat-and-Mouse Technology

Cat and mice.By Robert Sanzalone

Can technology help grandparents fight wire fraud?

An elderly woman walks towards the ATM with a worried look and a mobile phone to her ear. She believes it’s her grandson who is in trouble and is in desperate need of cash. As she punches the numbers on the machine, a warning flash in the booth tells her to please turn off her phone ...



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