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The Dark Side -- The Smokescreen

High Rise BuildingBy Sarah Noorbakhsh

Are companies using CSR to hide other unsavory business activities?


Corporate Donations -- CSR: The new PR

Illustration: Corporate Social ResponsibilityBy Karryn Miller

Corporate social responsibility is now a business prerequisite, but how has it affected the way charities do business?

A look at what charity donations can do for the corporate image.


Exit Strategy

Kazuaki MoriKazuaki MoriBy Peter Harris
The Value of Responsible Withdrawal from the Market

In a speech at the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan in August, Brackett Denniston III, General Counsel for GE spoke about how he has tried to bring “society into strategy.” Denniston, a firm believer that companies can provide social values and benefits, as well as employment and income, sees Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a moral obligation as well as having a positive financial outcome for the company. In particular the “reputational capital” gained by behaving in a way that treats human beings and the environment with respect is highly valuable for the company’s brand image.


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