TT-475 -- The Bonins, ebiz news in Japan

What have a species of lizard, Japan's border disputes and a small chain of islands got in common? Terrie perceives political motives in an NHK natural history documentary.


TT-474 -- Wine Trends, ebiz news from Japan

With prices rises across the board, has frugality affected higher end markets? Terrie uncorks the wine industry in Japan and discovers that while current economic conditions may put off the less discriminating consumer, wine appreciation is deeply entrenched among the more affluent and urbane sections of Japanese society.


TT-473 -- Mubadala Takes the Plunge, ebiz news in Japan

The activities of sovereign wealth funds have attracted a lot of attention recently. One such fund, Mudabala Development has recently partnered with the Kobe International Frontier Medical Center. Terrie questions the motivation behind this investment and raises some serious concerns about the viability of the business model.

TT-472 -- Wal-Mart Persists, ebiz news from Japan

US retail giant Wal-Mart entered the Japanese market after it bought into Japanese supermarket chain Seiyu in 2002. However, the company have a rough ride -- Terrie considers some of the problems with its branding and asks how it might be able to take advantage of the current economic climate. Read Now


TT-471 -- Knife-resistant T-shirts, Secom, ebiz news from Japan

In mid-March, 2008, a company called Nihon Uni introduced a new t-shirt which is made of toughened polyethylene fibers to make it knife resistant. What is the shape of the market for these products? How much do media reports of stabbings affect consumer perception? For the full story, Read Terrie's Take Now


TT-470 -- Benefits of joint-ventures, ebiz news from Japan

Considered entering the Japanese market? Terrie takes a look at the different dimensions of embarking on a joint venture with a Japanese company and explains how current demographic and economic conditions might be favorable. Read Now


TT-469 -- Japan to sign Hague Treaty on Kids, ebiz news from Japan

Japan is known as a haven for disaffected Japanese spouses who, in getting divorced, abscond with their kids back to Japan. However, in a breakthrough agreement, Japan has announced it will sign a Hague treaty whereby children who are illegally removed from their country of habitual residence must be returned, and the jurisdiction for subsequent court decisions is taken out of the hands of the Japanese courts.To find out why this is a huge step forward for Japan, Read Terrie's Take Now


TT-468 -- The Japanese and Ohio, ebiz news from Japan

Question: outside of California, which US state is home to the greatest number of Japanese companies in the USA? The answer is Ohio, a mid-Western state tucked right below Lake Erie, which is probably better known for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team, than it is for its 380+ Japanese corporate citizens. For the low-down on the Ohio-Japan connection Read Terrie's Take Now


TT-467 -- Taking it slow during Golden Week, ebiz news from Japan

The long holiday Japanese traditionally have looked forward to, Golden Week, just isn't as "golden" as it used to be. This week Terrie takes a look at the various factors contributing to this holiday lull. Read Now


TT-466 -- Buying favor from the Gods, ebiz news from Japan

Taking a look at Japan's "Hatsumode economy;" how much are blessings worth to temple and shrine visitors? Religion can be a booming--and tax free-- business. Read Now



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