March 2003 Issue

On the cover: Enersto Hoost battling in the K-1 World GP 2002 Final in Tokyo. He eventually won the championship and the $400,000 price money.

March 2003
No. 41

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March 2003 Issue


  Booming IP Telephony Challenges NTT's Telecom Empire
Did you know that NTT had held a de factor monopoly in the fixed phone business for the past 100 years?
Coming up next month
  To the Editor
What our readers have to say
  Shopping On The Small Screen
Girls Walker shows that young women will even use their keitai to shop till they drop.
  'Independence' That Counts
MBOs are becoming a viable tool for Japanese firms looking to break with foreign parents.
  So Much for Conventional Wisdom
Gregory Clark argues that the usual arguments about what ails the Japanese economy are off the mark.
  The Pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc's newsletters
  Riding through the Tokyo Streets in Style
Getting around in Tokyo can be a hassle!!
  The Pulse - The word on the Street from the heart of Tokyo
- China pc market
- Secom, Chiba Police Use GPS Technology to Nail Stalkers
- Breaks to go to Investment funds
  Sony Tries to Revive Troubled Aiwa Brand
Hirauchi shows off Aiwa's Net MP3 Player
Gregory Clark, Stefan Whitwel and Robert Juppe
  From the Editor
Buying Land: The Inside Story - Mailmags Make Millions - What awaits the Ogasawaras?


  Japan's Fight Clubs
Roland Kelts takes us into the heart of Japan's fight world, a big, bad, booming industry that is branching out overseas.
  Cash On The Table: An Expat's Tale
Real Estate Part 2
  Searching for the Bottom
Real Estate: Part 1 - This two-part feature brings you analysis of Japan's land prices from real estate expert Stefan Whitwell and a firsthand account of what it's like to buy land as a foreigner from Robert Juppe.
  Does Paradise Need a Parking Lot?
The Ogasawaras are Tokyo's farthest-flung suburbs and some of the world's most exotic islands. That's why developers have been toying with the idea of turning them into another Waikiki.

News & Info

  The Story of J@pan Inc


  Reflation and Gold Loom on the Horizon
Reflation and gold loom on the horizon, says analyst Darrel Whitten.


Sleeper trains, the bowling fad, miso soup preferences, taxi mileage programs and calling the cops.

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