To the Editor

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I READ YOUR REVIEW of the new Sony MP3 player NW-MS70D (The Pulse 2, page 6, February 2003) and thought your GadgetWatch writer might find this interesting. Since I am looking at new MP3 players at the moment, I checked this out further and found it a seriously sexy gadget.

I contacted Sony support to check when this would be available to work with non-Japanese environments. The answer is (unfortunately) as follows:

"Dear Mr. Haeussler,

Thank you for your email regarding the NW-MS70D.

Firstly, we sincerely appreciate your patronage of Sony products for years. We regret to inform you that the English driver and software for the NW-MS70D are not available.

In addition, unfortunately, the NW-MS9 with English won't be marketed so far. We are sorry that we cannot fulfill your expectation, and ask for your kind understanding. Your continual attention to our products would be highly appreciated.

Best regards,

Sony Marketing (Japan) Inc."

What a pity.

-- Thomas Haeussler

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