March 2002 Issue

On the cover: The World is samll. Megumi Omori uses her hand to demonstrate. Artwork by Andrew Pothecary.

March 2002
No. 29

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March 2002 Issue


  To The Editor
Our reader's comments
  It May Be Play Money, But This Guy's Hooked
Jasdaq's online stock-buying contest has turned an investing novice into a market junkie. By David Cady
  Registered Interests
Investment banker turned entrepreneur Craig Dibble has his sights set on your
  Geeks For Sale
Digital Garege's purchase of Vanguard unit may be just one of many buyouts of the Bit Valley survivors. By Bruce Rutledge
  Man-fish Hybrid Casts pearls Before Swine
Homespun philosophy courtesy of an amphibious videogame character and his book of bon mots. By Sumie Kawakami
Radar Screen
Cool Japanese toys and a site that introduces kids to Japanese culture and even lets them try a little online judo, etc.
  Switched On
A Film-Loving Photographer Puts a High-End Digital Camera to the Test. By Bernard Morales
  A Silver Lining?
Matsushita's high-tech nursing home uses teddy robots to pamper patients, update health records online and keep a watchful eye on gramps and granny.
  The Chinese Century
Don't look now Japan, but your giant neighbor is gaining fast, says economist Kenneth Courtis. by Patrick J. Killen
  From The Editor


  Limping Towards China
Faced with massive restructuring at home, Japanese engineers are finding jobs in surprising places -- China and South Korea.
  i-mode Goes Continental
NTT DoCoMo's European Partners Prepare for the Launch
  Homegrown MBAs Catch On
More Japanese universities offer advanced business degrees, but just how useful are they?


Japanese universities and scientific research, hints of a service sector recovery and the video game market pre-Xbox.

Japan Studies

Pediatric Predicaments
Sociocultural change, fewer babies, and pediatric facility closures


A sentimental survey, e-commerce earnings, hot gossip and more.

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