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YOKO SHIMATSUKA("Homegrown MBAs Catch On," page 36) has been a freelancer since 2000. She has worked for an Internet startup and various news organizations since 1992. She loves searching for new massage spots and doing tachiyomi (reading books at shops) and she wants to see more book mega-stores with comfortable chairs in Tokyo so she can sit while reading. Yoko has bachelor degrees in communication from Colorado State University and in comparative culture from Sophia University.

After spending a week playing Jasdaq's online stock-trading game, DAVID CADY ("It May Be Play Money, But This Guy's Hooked," page 20) realized he'd better steer clear of the real thing. "There's something in the Cady gene that's drawn to easy money, just as there's something in it that preordains economic ruin," says the Montana native. He dreams of one day discovering his creative gift. "So far, I've crossed acting, painting and music off the list of potential talents. What's next? Cowboy poetry. I think I can set new standards in that literary form."

LUDOVICO CIFERRI ("I-mode Goes Continental," page 30) is editor in chief of the monthly magazine Wireless Italia and founding partner of the consulting company Wireless. His experience ranges from publishing, both on paper and on the Web, to content management. He is also in charge of international business development, especially with Scandinavian countries and with Japan. He can be reached by email at lciferri@gowireless.

Photographer BERNARD MORALES ("Switched On," page 10) is a hard man to pin down. He calls France his home, but he is constantly on the road, making frequent trips to Japan, Taiwan and Africa to do photo shoots and exhibit his work. After testing a digital camera for J@pan Inc and hosting a show in Tokyo of his photographs of a Stradivarius restorer at work, he caught a plane to Africa to photograph tribes in Nigeria and elsewhere.

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