July 2002 Issue

On the cover: Martha throws a welcome party for herself. Artwork by Eiko Nishida. Screenshot Todd Atkinson, from Martha Stewart living, LaLa TV.

July 2002
No. 33

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July 2002 Issue


  Innovations -- Groundbreaking Technology from Japan
Designers in Japan are no longer mere copyists -- just take a look at what Sony and Dell Japan have been up to.
  Keeping Tabs on the Food Chain
BSE, Snow Brand and mister Donut -- just three of the high-profile food scandals to hit companies' bottom lines and consumers' confidence. Technology is leading the way in an effort to restore a little faith.
  More Japanese than the Japanese
Bill Totten, Japan veteran and CEO of software maker Ashisuto, tells the Japanese to stop kissing so much "white Caucasian ass."
  From The Editor
  Cost-Cutter or Profit-Maker? Japan Telecom's Morrow Chooses the Latter
"Morrow enjoys a relatively good reputation among Japanese staff as he seems to value the art of consensus building."
  PM Blows Lid over Katakana Terms
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi just doesn't get it.
  ATMs more Common in Convenience Stores than Banks
Convenience stores are quietly becoming the place to find an automated teller machine, or ATM, in Japan...
You Want 802.11b With That?
According to the Nikkei, Wireless LAN hotspot providers are teaming up with fast-food chains across Japan to give diners a chance to surf the Web while they dine...
  Carrefour Challenges Japanese Retailers on Price
Carrefour Japan, the French retailer with flagship stores
  The Pulse 2
The best of J@pan Inc's newsletters
  Incorporating in the Land of Opportunity
Can't afford to set up shop in Japan -- how about a slice of American pie instead? Sumie Kawakami spills the beans on how to avoid being bankrupted by Japanese registration fees.


  Wireless China: Japan + 400 million
NTT DoCoMo's European partners are bullish on Japan's favorite business model, but a web of regulations and a bit too much hype may stand in the way.
Suzuki's Inner Chamber
You can visit any number of CEOs in big corporate Japan and never see the slightest sign of personal taste. The decor speaks for itself -- it is a disaster of the ongoing variety.
  Man with an Edge
Ten years after helping introduce the Internet to Japan, IIJ's Koichi Suzuki is still fighting NTT. Henry Scott-Stokes wrings out a few home truths.
  Martha, Wal-Mart and the Next American Invasion
Martha Stewart is well known for her love of Japan, but can she turn her passion into cash in the bank? Roland Kelts investigates the next American invasion.

Investor Insight

  Rountable: How to find Japan's Small-Cap Gems
A special section for professional investors focused on Japan


  From Ticket Reservations to Phones as Tickets and Money
Money, as we know it, is about to change forever -- like so much else in life, it's going digital.
Secret bathing habits, high-paying jobs and how to take a leak -- if you're a Japanese man.

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