Carrefour Challenges Japanese Retailers on Price

Back to Contents of Issue: July 2002

LOIC DUBOIS IS THE new man in charge of Carrefour Japan, the French retailer with a flagship store in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture. Under the previous CEO, Jean Christophe Goarin, Carrefour has made its presence felt because of its shelf-clearing prices and aggressive competitiveness. But it's also been hit -- as the whole retail sector has -- by the sheer lack of spending of Japan's fastidious consumers.

The supermarket, which has three stores in Japan, but plans to expand rapidly under Dubois, regularly checks prices of about 700 items at neighboring retailers Daiei and Seiyu. It then displays the findings at the Makuhari store for all to compare. The company says it is planning to start the same service in its two other stores soon.

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