You Want 802.11b With That?

Back to Contents of Issue: July 2002

ACCORDING TO THE NIKKEI, Wireless LAN hotspot providers are teaming up with fast-food chains across Japan to give diners a chance to surf the Web while they dine. A lot of the services planned were due to begin as we went to press.

Ronald McDonald will be using Softbank's services in Tokyo restaurants from June; mister Donut will also team with Softbank and should already be offering hotspot connections in 20 stores in the Hokkaido, Tokyo and Kansai areas; while Mos Burger plans to expand its services with NTT Communications from the current 40 stores to 150 in June. It looks like today's fast food restaurants will soon be doubling as Internet cafes, but how the burger and donut vendors intend to turn a profit on the new services remains to be seen.

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