December 2002 Issue

On the cover: Hideo Sawada, president of travel giant H.I.S and Masahiro Origuchi, Goodwill Group CEO, have plenty of reason to smile.

December 2002
No. 38

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December 2002 Issue


  How Gaijin is my Kansai?
kansai eye
  Japan Does Burning Man
Professionals let loose in the Nevada desert
  From the editor
To the Editor
What our readers have to say...
  Our Contributors
  Forcing Universities to Face the Market
  The Pulse - The word on the street from the heart of Tokyo
Honda, Mc Donald's, Omron and Hitachi...
  Kirk Rueter's Autograph for 100 Yen - Any Bidders?
The best of J@pan Inc's newsletters: Gadget Watch, Wireless Watch and Music Media Watch
  Under Your Skin
Cosmetics makers use nanotechnology as a weapon in the battle to be beautiful.
  Ion Power
Consumers and businesses alike are chanting the minus ion mantra.
  Galleries to Catch Your Breath in
Hanging out with oyaji camera buffs in tony Ginza
  Technology for the Front Lines
Engineers set their sights on a noble goal: eliminating landmines
  Shopping for the Nation
Costco groceries to your door with TheFlyingPig.Com


  The Making of an IP Nation
Can Japan use intellectual property rights to reinvigorate its economy? An increasing number of government officials and academics think so, Sara Harris reports.
  Out of the Spotlight
In the second part of our occasional series on public works, Michael Stanley shows us the bright side of government spending.
Hideo Sawada and Masahiro Origuchi have maneuvered their businesses through the rough waters of the 1990s and are thriving today. Sumie Kawakami tells their tales of survival.


  China's Transition Merits Caution
Two North Asia experts explain why businesses should think twice before pulling out of Japan and heading to China.
  Attention Please: Net Advertisers Battle for Eyeballs
Is cross-media advertising what Web sites were made for?



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