Taking initiative to enhance the value of IIJ

A shareholder takes the initiative with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJI), a Japanese internet service provider.

The Soulless Organization

Fear ignites the survival instinct in even the most ambitious people.

The Buzz On The Japanese Economy

Popular myth and, allegedly, the laws of aerodynamics have it that the bumblebee should not be able to take flight.

Yet still, our good bumblebee refuses to be weighed down by such details and continues to take flight, oblivious to the controversy.

This allegory applies, with some imagination, to Japan's economy too.

Partners in Climb?

Jason de Luca on how to tell if you're in a healthy business relationship.

Checks And Balances

Post-Lehman crisis, work will never be the same for the CFO.

Esprit de Core

How to keep staff motivated in bad times, and to keep them in good times.

Spend And Save (The Economy)

Credit-worthy surplus countries must expand domestic demand relative to potential output to revive the world economy.

The Zen of The Yen

With the economy spiraling downwards due to an upward-headed yen, all eyes are on the Bank of Japan's action--or inaction.


Dollar bears on the retreat

Year end markets often see a bout of profit taking following a one way market and this year should see the same. However, the uncertainty in the UAE could see the Yen strengthen one more time before following the European currencies...



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