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The Institute for Level Six Leadership
Leading High Performance Organizations

As founder and president of The Institute for Level Six Leadership, Dr. Stephen Long has proven that leadership is a learned skill built upon inherent strengths. Through his work with champion athletes, top salespeople and corporate executives, Dr. Long has helped permanently raise corporate and team productivity from adequate -- to outstanding. Level Six Leadership™ is a breakthrough social operating system that immediately enhances an organization’s productivity and efficiency. Applying his coaching and leadership techniques, Long’s coaching has helped a variety of companies realize a significant increase in performance.

Author of the critically acclaimed book, GOLD!: Applying Level Six Performance to Capture the Runaway American Dream, Dr. Long demonstrates that High Performance & Strong Character is one-in-the-same. Long’s method proves performance relies more on learned, deliberate competence much more than natural ability or intelligence. Using Level Six Leadership™ techniques, organizations adapt to stressful and changing business situations as well as any championship team in overtime.

A leader in practical applications of organizational effective behavior, Dr. Long has consulted with 21 championships teams. His athletic clients include Olympians, All-American and all-conference athletes, Heisman Trophy finalists and the NFL’s most valuable player. Dr. Long consults with the outstanding University of Southern California football program and the United States Olympic Committee. He has now applied the Level Six Leadership ™ method to the business world with award-winning success.

Identified as one of North America’s top-10 performance enhancement consultants by an independent study conducted at the University of Utah, Dr. Long is a highly sought after speaker by Fortune 500 firms, mid-size companies, sales organizations and non-profits. His articles have appeared in dozens of magazines worldwide read by hundreds of thousands of people. Dr. Long began his career as a college football coach at the University of Virginia and the University of Delaware. He earned his PhD from the University of Kansas. For six years, he was the Performance Enhancement Specialist at the U.S. Air Force Academy where his programs were primary to developing habits of High Performance & Strong Character for the Cadet Wing. Long competes as a master’s swimmer and is an accomplished marathoner.


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