The Sushi Market Crashes

The sushi market has crashed. Premium blue fin tuna for sale at Tokyo’s Tsukuji fish market, where I once lived next door, have seen prices drop 30 percent in the past year...

After the roller coaster

The Nikkei, like many other benchmark indices, is hardly the volatile, motion sickness inducing headline producer that it was of months past. But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I just haven’t been able to turn myself into a green shoots market cheerleader.

Viva Las Vegas

Last week, I dropped in on the rock festival of investment conferences, the Las Vegas Money Show, at the posh and cavernous Mandalay Bay Hotel. A mild 95 degrees outside, I mingled with the Hawaiian shirt and cargo short wearing masses, with a sharp eye out for the next big investment themes...

The yen loses out vs the European currencies

And consumers still don't want to spend...



1 + 1 = 1

The Shinsei-Aozora marriage has just been announced. Official announcement to be made some time in May (this month!) and the happy day is some time next summer (holding company structure). One wonders about the shotgun nature of this union (but if it is a shotgun, there's really no doubt who's holding it).

1 + 1 = ? (Aozora + Shinsei = ??)

Rumors are flying about a proposed Shinsei-Aozora tie-up (these are nothing new, but recently the background noise on the subject has increased)...


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