Masters of the Universe no more

I have to confess that when my alma mater Morgan Stanley announces earnings, it still tugs at the heart strings. We endlessly outperformed expectations, but laughed because we knew there were tons of latent profits sitting on the back books. The stock would rocket to trade at a luxurious five times book. We were the invincible Masters of the Universe.

All quiet on the Forex front

The yen may well fall back over the next few days…



Japan lost, but not dead, in deflation

For Japan, the 1990s are commonly referred to as the "lost decade." Those that know me are aware that I look beyond that and actually regard a quarter-century as the appropriate "lost" duration...

Keeping the bull happy

Online FX trading has taken center-stage in the global currency market, spurred by an urgent need for liquidity in volatile times. Valerie Lee, Société Générale’s Head of EBusiness AsiaPacific, tells us how the increasing use of online tools is driving growth of currency trading in Asia.

Pricey Japanese stocks?

Pricey, and Japanese stocks, are typically not heard together in the same sentence. However, since last September’s market rout, earnings have deteriorated to the point that the Nikkei 225 is trading at over 175x forward earnings ... proceed with caution.

Wells Fargo Bank Shock The Street

So there is life after near death! Wells Fargo (WFC) stunned the street with a surprise $3 billion profit in Q1, vastly better than expectations...

Gold good for the long haul

“There is room for bulls and bears, but pigs get slaughtered,” said Peter Munk, the legendary founder and CEO of Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold producer...

Yen bears fail to take full advantage of poor numbers

Are yen bears entering a "bear trap" as a cyclic high in the dollar looms?



Nikkei 9000, 8000, or 7000?

About a year ago today, I published a weekly Nikkei outlook discussing whether the Nikkei was headed to 13,000 or back to 12,000. Suffice to say that much has happened since then...


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