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Ever watch a scary movie and think, how are zombies able to get so far into buildings and chase people despite being slow and brain-dead?

The Italian Job

Imagine the following scenario. A small Italian town on the Swiss border. The customs officers, checking the passengers on a local cross-border train, notice among the usual workers making their daily commute to Switzerland a couple of well-dressed Asian men, one of whom is carrying a briefcase. When examined, the briefcase proves to have a false bottom...

A sense of déjà vu

When I traded the Nikkei during the nineties, every market rally was capped by a predictable flood of new equity issuance by cash starved, undercapitalized Japanese banks...

Bad news forces the yen higher

or perhaps the market has lost interest in the yen...



What doest the future hold?

Back at the end of 2008 Morgan Stanley and many of its peers faced a dire situation. They needed capital badly...


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