Your Japanese Sales Farce

The force-fullness with which outdated “norms” are protected amazes even my pea brain.

We don’t need another hero

Bruce is at it again, rubbing elbows at the spiffy-dressed gala event, promoting his ego and bragging about how great he, err, the company is.

Slow and steady sets the pace

Time to turtle my friends in this rabid rabbit race.


Death by Mammoth

Standing strong in the howling wind, spear in hand, wolf-skinned shoulders, mark of the leader on his face and the scars to prove it.


The F-word

When working with my clients, I refuse to let sales people use a particular foul word.

The Human Touch

I hate technology, especially in sales.

My dream vacation would be a white sandy beach, and the wrangling of every PC, mail server, motherboard, OS, hard-disk, and CRM that had ever frustrated me. I would grab a shiny new sledgehammer and with loving brute force, smash them all to bits.

Whiner Management

Spicy chili, chopped onions or covered in French’s classic, we have all been handed one during a public speaking event, seminar or workshop input session.

Conspiracy Theory

A bleeding conspiracy lurks in your company.

A conspiracy that covers its tracks, throws away wealth and sneaks out by 6, with no cares about what happens next week.

Pride Before Pitch

For some reason, arrogance has got a bad name, time to set the record straight.

Partners in Climb?

Jason de Luca on how to tell if you're in a healthy business relationship.


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