Kit for Tools

Jason de Luca on the necessary tools to crank up sales in times good and bad.

New Year Disillusions

Sometimes, the best thing To Do is Not To, says business consultant Jason de Luca.

Lost in Transaction

Ask yourself, How many times a year do we audit our client contact points & ex-clients?

Pineapple, Pepperoni with extra S.a.a.S

You’ve all eaten there, the real first choice of any date in roppongi before a movie, Pizzakaya, the place for real Pizza.

Monster Mash

Nope, RF(P) stands for Request For Proposal, but there are monsters at this mash.

To those with the attention span of a candy-corn (me included), this aint just paperwork, so pay attention.

Hellooo McFly!!

1.21 gigawatts, a failed car experiment and a bad hair-do was all you needed.

“Well... we are considering other proposals and we’ll get back to you”

Salespeople! Fear not the vendor manager!

They make you nervous when you first enter their castle lair, subdue you with their charisma, bleed you dry when you doze off....

Vendor manage this!

Ever watch a scary movie and think, how are zombies able to get so far into buildings and chase people despite being slow and brain-dead?

Thanks, you wasted my time.

No moment in sales is more powerful than meeting a new potential client for the first time, it’s like being superman, you get to create an image that you are the best sales-hero in Metropolis.


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